How to choose a lubricant?

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If you want to buy a good lubricant but don't know how to choose it, then this article is written for you. Come on in!

Text: Anastasia Karpushkina
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Lubricant is something that, in an amicable way, should be in the bedside table of every sexually active person. This tool is a lifesaver: it will help you ins ert the menstrual cup and make penetration more comfortable and pleasant. And it will also add variety to your intimate life and protect you from unpleasant injuries... But how to choose the right tube among the many existing ones? Let's figure it out.

Basic concepts

First, let's talk about what types of lubricants exist in general.

So, lubricants are divided into water, silicone, oil and hybrid.

Water-based lubricants are versatile. You can use them however you like. The only negative is that they dry quite quickly, so with a long intercourse they will have to be added often. If this does not bother you, calmly take the water-based lubricant from the store shelf and carry it to the checkout.

Silicone lubricants do not evaporate and do not absorb, but lie down with a thin film and glide for a very, very long time. A significant advantage, right? Many people prefer silicone lubricants as anal lubricants because there is no natural lubrication in the anus. Everything would be fine, but these funds also have a minus. Silicone-based lubricants should never be used with silicone toys – the material of the device will "float" and you will damage it. Someone also doesn't like the feeling of this silicone film on the body, so after sex, you may need to run to the shower.

Oily lubricants are moisturizing and caring helpers. However, if you plan having sex with a latex condom or taking a silicone toy, these are not suitable. Oil destroys latex and device material – this is a rather serious obstacle that is important to be aware of in order to avoid unforeseen consequences.

Hybrid lubricants are mixtures of water and silicone or water and oil in a base. Manufacturers claim that due to the "film" component, the lubricant glides longer, but there is so little of it in the composition that the characteristic disadvantages (prohibitions on the use of these products with silicone toys and latex condoms) can be excluded. True, no one will give guarantees, and each manufacturer has its own percentage of silicone and oil. Therefore, you will have to test such a tube empirically or refuse the risk.

Got a little clearer? First, we choose the basis based on the situation. If you plan to have sex with a latex condom, we exclude the oil in the base, if with a silicone toy, we avoid silicone.

We chose the basis, now let's move on to the types of lubricants at the place of application. Meet vaginal, anal and oral lubricants.

Vaginal lubricants are lubricants that will end up directly in the woman. Here you should pay attention to such tubes that promise moisturizing and care for the fragile microflora of the female vagina. Both pleasant and useful – beauty!

Anal lubricants always contain relaxants and antiseptics. The former are needed in order to help the sphincter, which is 24/7 in a constricted and tense position, to relax a little. The second is to heal microcracks that may appear during the penetration process. These components are very necessary for anal sex, but with vaginal sex they can interfere and harm, so it is important not to confuse the vials.

Please note: the analgesic components in the anal lubricant are harm, not salvation. Anal sex should take place with the consent of both parties, and the sensitivity of the receiving party should not be dulled. Otherwise, there is a great risk of getting minor injuries and not noticing it in time. Be careful!

Oral lubricants are those tubes and bottles of treats that you want to lick irresistibly, whether you have sex or not. Since silicone and oil can be very harmful to the gastrointestinal tract, these lubricants are water-based and also contain glycerin. Therefore, be careful and do not use, please, oral lubricant vaginally – female microflora can negatively react to some sweet ingredients. On the genitals from above - you can, inside – not. Some brands are substituting safer ingredients for glycerin and allowing oral lubricant to be used vaginally, so read the label carefully.

Once again, briefly

First, we decide how and with what we will use the lubricant, and then - wh ere. For example, are you planning to masturbate with a glass toy? Then it is better to take a silicone lubricant. Or are you planning to have vaginal sex with a regular partner with whom you are not using the barrier method? You can choose any base for lubrication, as long as the lubricant is not anal or oral.

As for multi-purpose lubricants, for those looking to buy one tube for every occasion. One good regular water-based vaginal lubricant can be purchased, and it can be anally and orally if desired. But it is much safer and more enjoyable to use a special lubricant for each type of sex.

Also, lubricants are different in density, consistency and color. There are no important guidelines here, so make your choice.

What is important to remember?

Buy lubricants in trusted stores, preferably in sex shops – there is much less chance of stumbling upon a fake.

It is best to take sachets or small versions of different brands to find your one, the only one.

Do not forget that there is an individual intolerance to the components, and if after using the lubricant there are any unpleasant sensations, change the tube.

Read the composition and take in to account the peculiarities of your health (if, for example, you are allergic to glycerin, then most oral lubricants will not work for you).

Have a nice slip!

P.S.: And there are also stimulating lubricants, lubricants for prolonging sexual intercourse, warming, cooling... but we will talk about this next time.