• Russian Adult Industry

The project’s review

Sexshopers.ru-is an industrial portal of goods for adults. This project is to join the interests of both professional parties of the industry and users for whom it is actually working. You can find a detailed catalogue of the market players, a regularly enhancing section of sex goods, the industry's news and the updated information about this area's events.

The market players' catalogue of the adult goods industry includes a range of manufacturers, distributors, online and offline shops, training centers and companies catering this business.

Adult goods catalogue embraces all sorts of sex toys, erotic lingerie, lubricants, specific furniture for sex and a variety of accessories. All this is perfectly arranged and supplied with a handy search engine as well as navigation for easy movement towards the goods of the same group, manufacturer, or joined together by some other criteria.

News is one of the major section of the website. Here you can read about the industry's novelties, new ideas and technologies. We talk about the adult goods' manufacturers, some sex toys' characteristics and the difference between them, we also post reports on the novelties' testing and will be glad to help you to select something for yourself.

Such events as sex goods exhibitions, trainee seminars, meetings are covered separately. The portal only contains the previews and reports on the events already held.

The comprehensiveness of the information will help the entrepreneurs to make their business more effective, to give notice of their companies, to establish new relationships and to make useful contacts. The users will be able to find here some interesting tips to improve their love life.

We are glad to cooperate. Together we will make this world better!




  • NTB-80647
    Красно-черная многохвостая плеть-флоггер - 40 см.
  • NTB-80646
    Черно-красная многохвостая плеть-флоггер - 41 см.
  • PD5753-20
    Прозрачный фаллоимитатор King Cock Clear 6 Cock - 18,4 см.
  • 225876
    Телесный вибростимулятор-реалистик SileXD - 20 см.
  • RD531
    Серый мастурбатор-вагина с функцией переминания Ultimate Milker
  • RD526
    Прозрачный мастурбатор-ротатор с голосовым сопровождением Talk Dirty Rotobator
  • Slaviana
    Соблазнительный костюм славянки Slaviana
  • Shelle cuffs
    Роскошные наручники Shelle с атласными бантиками
  • S811 stockings
    Стильные чулочки с ромбовидным узором
  • Meshlove crotchless panties
    Кружевные трусики Meshlove с доступом