Waterproof sex toys

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The author of the telegram channel “Vulgar Philologist” tells us about the water resistance of toys and the symbols for the degrees of protection.

Text: Vulgar Philologist

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One of the important parameters of the vibrator is the degree (class) of protection against water penetration into the housing. According to international standards, it is abbreviated IP (Ingress Protection Rating). More often, on boxes with toys you will see the inscription IPX (X means that the device is protected not only from water, but also from dust and other fine particles, such as sand). In addition, next to the above letters there is always a number from 0 to 8: it will tell us everything about the relationship of the vibrator with the water element.

IPX0 – the device is not protected. Generally. Use only “on land” and avoid contact with moisture in any form.

IPX1 – protection against vertically falling drops.

IPX2 – drops will not harm the toy even when the case is tilted up to 15°. A little better, but not by much.

IPX3 – The device is protected against splashes sprayed at an angle up to 60° from the vertical.

Toys marked IPX from 0 to 3 are generally better not to buy. If you still decide, keep them away from water, do not touch with wet hands and clean with wet wipes.

IPX4 – Spraying liquid in any direction will not harm the toy. For example, if you put a vibrator next to the pool and splashed it with water, nothing bad will happen to your pet.

IPX5 – Protected against low pressure jets for a minimum of three minutes. A device with this marking can be safely washed under the tap. There is also a chance that it will not go bad if you occasionally take it with you to the shower.

IPX6 – the toy will calmly endure strong jets / streams (at least have fun with it under a waterfall), but it is not designed to work under water.

IPX7 – the device can be immersed to a depth of up to 1 meter for half an hour, nothing will happen to it. Ideal for those who like to relax in the bath.

IPX8, or 100% waterproof, is completely waterproof. Such a “mermaid” is not afraid to be lowered more than a meter under water, for example, in a pool.

Bottom line: toys with IPX 7-8 can be called waterproof, the rest are at best jet- or splashproof. If you see laconic waterproof on the box without indicating the protection class, do not be too lazy to clarify – avoid unpleasant surprises later.