Less than a month is left before EroExpo!

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We talked with the EroExpo project manager and found out how the preparations for the largest Russian exhibition of the adult goods industry are going.

Questions: Marina Chicheva
Answers: Alexander Zilberman
Photo: NuArt Studio

Russian version

How is this year's exhibition company different? How many exhibitors have already confirmed their participation?

This year the exhibition campaign has been active since May, but many new exhibitors showed up only in August. Basically, these are firms that decided to participate in our project for the first time. At the moment, 60 stands have already been registered and paid for, and this is more than in 2021. Unfortunately, this year several large companies that traditionally participated in EroExpo will not be present.

Up-to-date information about all exhibitors can be found on our website in the Visitors section. By the way, on September 1, we completely updated our website and tried to make it as convenient as possible for using your personal account and mobile version.

Will the exhibition become less interesting due to the absence of European companies?

European brands do not plan their own stands, but all of them will be fully represented at the stands of distributors. In addition, the general sponsor of the exhibition, Satisfyer, will present new products during a speech in the conference hall.

Please tell us a little more about Asian brands. Who decided to visit Russia?

This year, five Chinese brands will participate for the first time: Fanke, MelArt, Dingfu Plastic, LOCKINK&sevanda and Sunspise Lingerie.

They will present modern devices, leather goods and lingerie. Two of these participants already have representatives in Russia.

Are there still free places for stands if the company decides to participate in the exhibition? Until what date is this possible?

Registration of participants goes until September 30th. There are still free areas, and we will be glad to see new exhibitors.

For those who still doubt whether to take part in the exhibition, I can sum up the results from the beginning of the registration of visitors. To date, in the first two weeks, 360 companies and individuals have already registered, of which about 70% are representatives of regions from all over our country, as well as from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Donbass and Lugansk.

Let's hope that interest in the project will grow, we will be able to receive a record number of Visitors and get the maximum benefit from our event for both Guests and Exhibitors.

Do you already have information about seminars? Maybe you can voice a few topics on which there are already agreements with the speakers?

Full details of the seminar program will be published next week. For now, I can announce that we are waiting for interesting speeches from Dmitry Korobitsyn (Supplier of Happiness), Yesenia Shamonina (Condom, Spilli-Willie and a Jade Rod), Victoria Khasanova (Sexologist), Evgenia Vinova (Adults), Ksenia Khazova (blogger, sexologist)

The moderator of the seminars, as in previous years, will be Polina Mitrofanova.

Let's talk about the most interesting thing. You announced two completely new areas: a space for photographers, artists and designers and an exchange of specialists. How will it look like?

This year, a new space will be presented at EroExpo-2022 for the first time - the Exchange of Specialists. This is a dating platform, a special meeting place where sexologists, bloggers, doctors and specialists in sexology-related fields of knowledge from all over the country will be able to express themselves, and representatives of brands, wholesale companies and stores will get acquainted with specialists from their own and adjacent regions, discuss the format of cooperation directly and agree on a partnership. Format of participation of specialists: table rental for 4 or 8 hours at a specialized exhibition site.

To participate in the exchange, you can contact our coordinator Evgenia: by phone: +7 926 54-54-251, mail: vl.adults.shop@gmail.com. The work schedule of specialists will be published on the exhibition website before it starts.

Also, for the first time there will be a space for Photographers and Artists, who will present not only finished works, but also offer their services for decorating stores, showrooms, subject and model photography, etc.

Remind me, please, of a few topical household trifles: parking, food, issuing badges?

The exhibition and event space Main Stage is located between 4 metro stations and the Moscow Central Circle. On foot from the metro station Volgogradsky Prospekt about 8-10 minutes, from the metro station Dubrovka about 12-15 minutes. Entry to the territory for taxis is free, and parking for personal vehicles will cost 1,000 rubles for the whole day from 8:00 to 22:00. All Exhibitors and Visitors who will be staying at the Holiday Inn hotel will be able to take advantage of the transfer on October 20-22 in the morning to the exhibition and in the evening back (bus schedule will be published on October 18).

In the pavilion, in addition to a cafe with drinks, snacks and desserts, a self-service coffee break zone will be organized and set lunches will be offered on October 20-21 from 14 to 16.

Registration of visitors can go be done via our website. After verification and approval of the application, a temporary badge with a personal QR code will be available for printing or saving on a smartphone, and permanent badges and vinyl bracelets will be issued at the entrance after scanning the QR code. The presentation of a passport or driver's license for identification of identity and age is a prerequisite for visiting the exhibition

We look forward to meeting you in Moscow at the twelfth EroExpo project from 20 to 22 October 2022!

See you soon!