Lubricants: Mai Cosmetics vs Joy Division vs Gvibe

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Several water-based lubricants tested for us by a sex blogger Lalo Bye.


Text and photo: Lalo Bye

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As you already understood, today we will talk about our good comrades – water-based lubricants. They are very versatile, because for the most part they can be used for sex with a partner, and for masturbation, and for toys made of any materials, and for condoms.

Back To Basics (BTB) by Mai Cosmetics (Spain)

classic water-based lubricant from the new BTB collection from the well-known and beloved by many Spanish brand Mai Cosmetics. I met him for the first time.

BTB comes in a 75ml bottle in an unremarkable hand cream-like package. It was because of such a discreet appearance that I did not expect much from him, but in vain!

What is remarkable about BTB? When you get acquainted with the composition – nothing special. It is a standard lubricant made from safe and non-toxic ingredients that have been extensively tested in the laboratory.

But in fact? I will not hide, I am insanely delighted. BTB has the most delicate silky texture and unrealistically long gliding! With this little friend, you can go to a feast, and to the world, and to good people. By the way, it is transparent, odorless and tasteless.

BTB is very comfortable to use with sex toys and menstrual cups, because a small pea of this transparent gel is enough and there will be no more discomfort.

As for sexual interaction with a partner, BTB is now in my top favorite lubricants. Even with long and intense contact, it does not need to be added during the process. Yes, yes, living people are already running out of strength, and BTB continues to slide. And it does not whip into a white “foam”, but remains transparent.

Well, I wholeheartedly recommend this lubricant to you! Indeed, in addition to its high quality, it also has a rather pleasant price for the user. BTB is worth paying attention to.

BIO Glide Neutral by Joy Division (Germany)

BIO Glide by Joy Division is a 100% natural water-based lubricant. It has a bio product certification and is a vegan product. The composition does not include synthetic dyes, flavors and preservatives. It has a balanced pH.

BIO Glide Neutral is packaged in a 150 ml tube. The packaging itself, as in the case of BTB, reminds me of a hand cream. But then again, this is one of those times when you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

BIO Glide gel texture, which is very convenient both to use with sex toys and with a partner. In terms of its sliding properties, it is good, my respect. My partner even noted it as the closest option to natural lubrication.

Well, I was once again convinced that German manufacturers are a symbol of quality. Please note that this is a 100% natural vegan product. It is difficult to find such quality with the given parameters. And the price does not bite.

Gjuice Water-based by Gvibe (UK)

We all know that Gvibe is first and foremost a manufacturer of some very cool toys for adults. So, when they presented a new line of intimate cosmetics, everyone wanted to get to know her.

I received an absolutely amazing water-based Gjuice lubricant. Craft packaging, the bottle itself in the shape of a mirror drop – magical! Well, or is it just at first glance? Let's find out!

Initially, I was fascinated by both the packaging and the presentation. But upon closer examination, it became clear that in some places the design was completed as if in a hurry: this is especially noticeable in the transparent stickers on the bottle, the corners of which are not cut off in the shape of the bubble itself and stick out. The most beautiful part of the bottle lies on the table, resembling a mirror ladybug filled with 100 ml of morning dew. The dispenser is very convenient, but personally I did not have enough lid to close it.

But enough about the design, let's talk about the content! Gjuice contains only ingredients safe for the body, no glycerin and parabens. He is hypoallergenic. Colorless, tasteless and odorless. It has a balanced pH level.

As for my own impressions, they are rather mixed. The texture of the lubricant itself is quite light, but when rubbed, it quickly thickens and seems to crumple, mixed with white foam. This makes Gjuice a very inconvenient option for my contact with a partner. Therefore, in this case, I do not use this lubricant. As for sex toys and menstrual cups, it's a pleasure and no discomfort.

These are the conflicting emotions that this pretty bottle of Gjuice evoked in me. Its price is also premium, after all, this is a cool and well-known company.


Summing up our journey through the endless seas, I would like to note once again that everyone has different tastes and preferences. I find confirmation of this even in my pair: BTB by Mai was my favorite on this list. Cosmetics, but my partner likes BIO Glide more Neutral by Joy division. And we both agreed that despite the mind-blowing design of Gjuice from Gvibe, it, alas, is not suitable for our joint sexual activity.

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