Masturbator Jamyjob Jet Pro by dream love

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Ronnie and her husband are testing a brand-new masturbator for Russia.

Text and photo: Ronny Black (Saliva is not a lubricant)

Russian version

What is jetpro? This is a male masturbator made of silicone, in which there are already two vibroelements available. (Editor's note: the official name of the device is Jamyjob rechargeable head Stroker Masturbator by DreamLove).

It is notable for its shape – it looks like a Nepenthes plant, that is, a kind of a jug. Two control buttons, each is responsible for its own motor, and yes, the control is separate. One is in the barrel of the toy, the second is on the head. There are ten modes in each, which allows you to pick up some incredible combinations just for yourself.

The diameter of the toy is about 4 cm, but it is not necessary for the penis to be of the same diameter. It can even be a little bigger, the design of the toy allows you to both squeeze it with your hand and stretch it a little.

In general, the design definitely deserves attention. Where, in theory, the head of the penis should be, there is a cap that can be “fastened” to the body of the masturbator , thus making the toy itself closed, you can, on the contrary, not fasten it and the device will be open. You can turn the toy over, leaning the same cap against the scrotum for additional stimulation. That is, as you understand, the variability of use is two steps ahead, compared to most masturbators.

Inside the jetpro is practically not felt, so without vibration the toy becomes almost useless. But the vibration itself is quite strong, the motors even at low speed have a good effect on the penis. This is the downside of the device.

If you have reduced sensitivity, then after a while the member will become completely numb from vibration, and it will be more difficult to achieve orgasm. If elevated, it will be just uncomfortable. Ideally, this toy is for those who have the same average sensitivity.

Of the advantages, one can note simple care, since it is rare to find a silicone masturbator. Usually it is necessary to thoroughly rinse and use a special powder, then none of this is needed right away. Just warm water, toy cleaner and thirty seconds of free time. Noise-wise, you can't really hear anything from the next room.

Outcome. The design is terribly interesting and variable in use. Motors are powerful and fit, but! We would not recommend this device to absolutely everyone, as it will suit a certain target audience, which we didn’t enter a little because of that very sensitivity. But in general – the device is definitely suitable, just not for everyone.

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