Sexshoper's revelations. Beginning of work

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We published a story about how a girl came to work in a sex shop, and what came of it.



Russian version

I'm speechless. Not that my English was zero, not at all. But there is still a barrier, and speaking a foreign language in an area where I am still very lost and very stressful. The mentor saw my round eyes and came up to talk to us. Within minutes it became clear to me that her knowledge of a foreign language was even worse than mine, so I had to become a translator. The mentor says, I translate to young people, and vice versa. I don't remember if they made a purchase, but the experience, I must confess, was worthwhile. It was as if I was thrown into the water and told to swim, although I did not know how to do this at all.

Then there were boring and complicated tables. You know, I was not afraid of the amount of information that I was given. I perfectly understand why it was needed! The meaning is different:

1. It seems to me that knowledge should fit in the head. The point is not in quantity, but in how long it takes to learn to understand all this.

2. To enter a sex shop, some people need a lot of energy. They take courage and take this step, and then... I, with the same round eyes, not sure what I am saying. Stress for the visitor (he may then decide never to enter a store of this kind again), stress for me (what if I do some harm?). And what will come of this is also not very clear.

However, you can be indignant for a long time, and the rules are the rules.

My practice was successful, for all three days I was given an "excellent" mark, and a couple of days later I was assigned an exam. Did I prepare for it? Oh yeah! And how! It seems to me that I have reviewed all possible videos about companies, products and more. I re-read the rules for filling out the tables 13 times (I just remembered the number!) And I went to some of the points where our manager was supposed to come.

Opening the shop door, I saw a cute girl behind the counter. She already wanted to ask me how she could help (standard question), but I interrupted her. Hearing the information that I had come to take the exam, the girl smiled and offered to make a mock-test for me. And I am still grateful to her for that!

The manager was an hour late. I confess I don't like non-punctual people, but in this situation, her delay was in my favor. Meanwhile the sales girl and I managed to go over all the products, she told me a lot of tricks and wished me luck. Was I worried? Very. When the manager came to the store, my heart sank and all the information disappeared fr om my head. However, I passed the exam very quickly, in about an hour. They say this is one of the record results – I don't know how true this is.

In the description or this vacancy, it was said that you can work near your home. Ha! It was naive to think so. All stores are divided not only by location, but also by revenue. Of course, where there are more profits, there are more wages. Therefore, you will not be able to “get up” on the desired store, unless you are very lucky. At that moment I lived in the west of the city, and they put me on the most eastern point, because newcomers are put wh ere there is a place. That shop was rotten, no one wanted to work there, and they didn't ask me. So, the trip to the place took me almost 2 hours (I had to be there by 10 am), but getting back was a separate adventure. The point worked until midnight, and metro crossings close at 1 a.m. You close the cash-desk at exactly 00:00, collect everything, close the store, walk to the metro, get to the desired crossing... A couple of times I couldn’t manage to get in time for my train, and I had to go outside and sometimes walk home in the night. I didn’t complain, I listened to music in my headphones and smiled. Fortunately, it was summer and it was warm. I needed to show what I was capable of in the first month, so that later I would be transferred to another, more profitable point. Spoiler: in two months I was already working in one of the coolest stores in the chain.

The very first working day began a couple of hours later, because the manager had the keys from the store, and she was late as usual. I stood at the door of the store and looked sadly at people coming, pulling the door handle, looking at the opening hours sign, then at their clock and leaving. “This is how my wages go away,” I thought.

Then, when the door to the sex shop was open, the first thing I did was to go looking for a toilet. It was there, fortunately. The manager was with me for three hours, and then she left. On the very first working day, there were only 3 entries and one purchase. The first was a girl who wanted a male role-playing suit. Wow! Wow! And so openly and calmly she talked about it that I got relaxed: well, what if all the visitors are like that, and the it is all not so scary?

When it got dark outside, the door opened and a nice middle-aged man entered the sex shop. He wore glasses with large diopters, and behind his shoulders was an old but neat backpack. I offered to help him, but he asked for a little time to look around. “Sure!” – I said and continued to watch him in silence.

The man walked through all the shelves with toys, and then said:
– Miss, and do you have such a thing, well, um, so that...
– For what?
– Well, to insert.
– Prostate massager you mean?
– No, not there, but here!

And the man, with one quick and easy movement of his hand, unzipped his trousers and began to push his pants aside.

To be continued…