Shtuchki-Druchki: a tour to sex shop

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We put on masks and went to a shopping mall in Krasnogorsk, Moscow region. Here, the store “Shtuchki-druchki” (Ed. – “Whatsits and whosits”) is located. This store is different from others due to its specific concept.


Interviewer: Marina Chichiova
Interviewee and guide: Inessa, a shop assistant
Photos and video by: NuArt Studio

Russian version

The first thought after stepping into the store was: “There are no sex toys!” Instead, there were plenty of fancy merchandise.

Right, our store is not a standard-looking place, but a fancy and delicate space. After entering, the client can see perfumes with pheromones, some lingerie, body care products and massage oils. The 18+ zone is located behind.

I can see some massage oils in solid format with the logo Shtuchki-Druchki. Tell me about them, please.

These are bath bombs. They fizz, have a lovely smell and hydrate your skin intensely. We also have bombs with gliding effect meant for couple bathing.

We have changed our location off the entrance and we can see some curious boxes with a sign saying “Territory of temptation”.

These are playing cards for two. The packaging also includes some accessories, they vary from box to box. For example, here we have handcuffs made of silicone and a small and soft plug.

Next to them, we can see the BDSM zone called “Punish me softly”. There are strings, handcuffs, gags, tickling sticks. The range is so wide that every client is sure to select something she or he needs.

Ok, here we are, in the back of the store. It showcases goods for advanced users. What is there, in the corner of anal joy?

You can see the zone called “Taboos allowed”. It displays plugs, with or without vibration. They are made of medical silicone, tested, certified by dermatologists and gynecologists. Pay attention to those devices made of metal. They offer additional stimulation due to natural properties of metal-it is cold but can be warmed up when in contact with your body. These toys are very beautiful, they look different, they can be a good gift.

We reached the section called “A girl's best friend” and “Strong and free”.

Here we have vibrators that can be warmed up to 40°C. Besides, there are vacuum stimulators, clitoral and G-spot stimulators.

And this one seems to be a brand that has to do with electrical stimulation, right?

Right. The toys have 10 patterns of vibration. One of the devices is equipped with heating function, for maximum pleasure.

Well, now we are going to explore the lingerie and playsuit section.

Its residents are knickers, models with opening and other types of underwear. The fabrics we sell are thin chiffon and lace.

Oh, it looks like the boy's section, doesn't it?

Yes. Here we have products for men only...

Feel like having a look at this unusual peppery store with specific vision of adult trade? Run the video or just come to see it is real!

The video is available only in Russian.