Three cases of robbery of sex shops in Saint Petersburg

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The robbery' loss is not much, still we can't leave any criminal case of such type unattended.


A video report on these events has appeared on Ren-TV channel..

In the last several days, three sex shops in St.Petersburg have been objects for robbery. The burglars' faces were hidden behind white medical masks. In two cases, the offender acted alone, the third shop was attacked by two of them. All cases followed the same scheme: the burglars threatening with a gun, demanding money from the cash desk, along with grabbing a notebook and a smart phone. In one of the cases, there were even shots to get the vendor scared. Fortunately, the robberies caused no victims.

Although the sex shops were chosen as objects for the robbery, the items proved of no interest to the offenders. Probably, the reason is that these shops are open round-the-clock, so they can be attacked at night.

The owner of one of the robbed shops, Vadim Khimitch, in his appeal to the colleagues, is asking them to instruct their staff to use the alarm button, in case a man aged 30-35 years old, covered with a mask, appears in the shop. He also recommends that the owners should order the security men to carry out a personal inspectation of the visitor in a mask, with total civility, to find a piece similar to a gun, a knife or a hamper.