What to buy in an adult store?

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This article is an assistant for those who are going to a sex shop for the first time and have no idea where to look and where to start.


Text: Anastasia Karpushkina
Photo: Freepik

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Your handshakes and stretches forward, your breath catches, and your throat is dry. It seems that everyone is looking at you judgmentally and has already come up with many different stories about you. My heart is pounding and my whole body is ready to run. Do you feel this when standing in front of the door of a sex shop for the first time? In fact, each person is busy only with themselves. Where you go and what you are going to buy concerns only you and, possibly, your partner, no one else.

It's easy to go to a grocery store. Everything is clear there: bread, butter, milk... The list of goods to buy is about the same for everyone. So, our mothers and fathers went to the store, and our grandparents. But in a sex shop? What to buy in an intimate store? What if something goes wrong? So much effort and all in vain?

Buy a lubricant

You can start with the most common, water-based. If your own lubrication works more than well, take an oral one. This is both variety and help with the production of your own saliva. You can also just eat it because it tastes good. You can’t get enough lubricants I assure you! You can read how to choose it here.

Buy condoms

If you do not have a permanent partner and / or another method of contraception, then you yourself know that God takes care of the saved! The choice of condoms in adult stores is huge: the sizes are different, with antennae, and with pimples, and with tastes, and multi-colored. There are many variations, for every taste and color (in the truest sense of the word). In addition, good sex shops take care of the certification of the products they sell. Therefore, it will be difficult to run into a fake here.

Buy lingerie or haberdashery

Beautiful underwear is something that few people see, but it will raise your self-esteem even more! Plus, basically any girl loves to dress up. If the first two points are downright thematic, then lingerie is a neutral thing. And role-playing costumes are there, too, by the way.

Buy perfume with pheromones

Scientists are still arguing about the action of these mysterious substances, which have already learned how to do it artificially and not harm nature. Really, who cares what scientists say about your sexuality? If you think these things work, then feel free to buy and use! This will definitely help you, if only because you believe in it.

Buy a massage oil or candle

These two magical products will ensure a relaxing evening on any busy weekday. And you won't have to hide such purchases. On the contrary, you will want to share with everyone and talk about what miracle you have recently acquired.

Buy a disposable toy

We are talking about masturbation eggs – there are a lot of them now. And no need to worry that it will not work. Firstly, because very few people do not come, and secondly, because it is inexpensive, so it will not be a pity to throw it away.

Buy a menstrual cup if you're a girl

Unfortunately, this hygiene product is almost impossible to find in a regular store. And it is very convenient, environmentally friendly and economical. So, we decide to divide life into “before” and “after”, and we go to save the planet.

From toys buy wands

This is the most versatile and “sexless” device there is. If you do not want to use it in the genital area, then it will happily save your back or neck if it is sick or tired. Such an assistant will come in handy in any home. And you will definitely use it for one of the great many of its purposes, which you can even come up with yourself. Try it!

In general, the sex store is very cute and not scary at all. There are understanding and caring consultants (for the most part) who want to help you. So, we breathe deeply and cross the threshold. I assure you, then, not only will you not want to keep silent about your campaign, you will brag!