Womanizer Premium 2 is Available

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A new generation vacuum stimulator is available for sale.


Russian version

The Womanizer Premium 2 has been enhanced with feedback fr om over ten thousand men and women, the so-called “MasturbaTEAM”.

According to the manufacturer, the Womanizer Premium 2 is the most luxurious creation of the brand, Prada, among sex toys to date. This stimulant is perfect for women who want more than just another gadget for their bedroom.

What changed?

The Premium 2 has fourteen intensity levels – more than any other Womanizer. The difference between levels has become less pronounced, which provides a smoother transition and more adaptability. Finding the perfect feeling for yourself is now easier. No hardcore with too high intensities, just perfect tuning for unforgettable pleasure.

Another important change was the improvement of an exclusive feature – “autopilot”. This made it possible to make arbitrary changes in air pressure softer and smoother. Now “autopilot” leads to orgasm more professionally, doing it each time in a different way, while at the same time as comfortable as possible.

There are new colors! Rich burgundy and warm gray were added to black, blueberry and pink.

What has remained unchanged?

Unique two-chamber Pleasure Air technology, which allows you to act on receptors inaccessible to other technologies. Guaranteed results with health care. No discomfort, hyperstimulation and numbness.

Smart Silence technology ensures your toy only works when you want it. No more stress from unnecessary noise, unplanned stops, or the distraction of annoying button searches after reaching the pinnacle of pleasure.

The toy will, of course, wait for its owner, saving power and charge for her pleasure. After five minutes of inactivity, it will automatically enter standby mode. When turned on again, the toy will continue to run at the same intensity you left off.

An additional attachment is included with the toy. Indeed, the intensity of the impact depends not only on the speed of air supply, but also on its concentration. Changing the nozzle allows you to adjust the impact, giving additional opportunity to adjust the halftones. If the impact, then ideally suited! Also, changing the attachment makes it possible to play with the effect, practically giving you not 14, but 28 modes for use!

International IPX7 water resistant standard (100% waterproof). Who doesn't love stimulation in the bathroom or shower? Warm water that caresses the body and the Womanizer that sends out waves of pleasure are definitely a winning combination.

Elegant, comfortable design with thoughtful ergonomics, carefully selected dimensions, safe and practical materials. It fits comfortably in the hand, will not slip out and will not cause discomfort during use. All details are carefully thought out so that nothing distracts you from getting incredibly pleasant sensations. It is pleasant to look at the toy, it is pleasant to touch and even more pleasant to use it!

And, of course, magnetic charging and LED charge level indicators. If three lights are on, the toy is fully charged. If two – then half. If you are alone, then it's time to recharge. Convenient and practical, since you will not get into a situation wh ere you want to, and the toy is completely discharged. As the saying goes, he who is forewarned is forearmed. The toy will always be on alert and on guard of your pleasure.

Press release provided by Nadezhda Shishkina, representative of Wow Tech Group in Russia.