Satisfyer Dual Love

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Our author tests a vibrator and a vacuum wave stimulator in one toy from the Satisfyer brand.


Text and photo: Maria Remneva

Russian version

Not so long ago, the German company Satisfyer released a new Dual Love massager. This is a vacuum-wave non-contact clitoral stimulator and vaginal vibrator. We see a very interesting and unusual device. What is it? Read to the end!

The company, as always, never ceases to amaze not only with the quality of its products, but also with the packaging: the box is simply incredible! Stylish, colorful, with magnets, opens like a “book”. Inside there is a protection that comes off when you first unpack it.

The kit includes the vibrator itself, a magnetic charging cable, a multilingual user manual, information on safety rules, a warranty from the manufacturer for as much as 15 years!

The stimulator has a classic stylish shape and fits perfectly in the hand. It is incredibly pleasant to the touch, gentle, does not slip in the palm of your hand. The tip and body of the vibrator are made of medical silicone; there is also an insert made of mirror ABC plastic in silver color. In the free sale, the toy is available in two colors: yellow and red.

There are 3 buttons on the body, which can be easily felt when “stroking” the back of the toy. The button in the middle is responsible for turning on the non-contact wave stimulator (if you press it for two seconds). Short presses help to switch between different levels of air flow intensity, and to return to the previous mode, you need to press the button above (with two arcs). And this is just an amazing opportunity! If suddenly you feel that the speed is too strong for you, then there is always the opportunity to go back. Also, the middle button allows you to connect to a special application, you just need to hold it down for four seconds. At the same time, you will feel a double vibration, and the LED indicator will begin to flash. Here you will need to connect the device, following the instructions on the smartphone screen. The bottom button (with a wave) controls vibration.

The massager is quite weighty, but neat and miniature. Overall length – 16 cm, diameter – 3.8 cm, weight – 115 g. The stimulator lies freely in the hand, it is very easy to operate it.

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion rechargeable battery. The promised opening time is about 1 hour. Also, please note that a full charge takes 1-1.5 hours.

It is important that the toy is not only protected against moisture and splashes, but also 100% waterproof. You can safely not only wash it under running water, but also take it with you to the shower or bath.

The toy is very functional: it is both a vacuum-wave stimulator and a traditional vibrator. It combines stimulating air pressure waves, special Air Pulse technology and sensory vibration to experience pleasure time after time. Roughly speaking, the stimulator can be divided into 2 parts: the clitoral funnel and the straight vaginal process. The clitoral part allows you to feel a vacuum effect, very similar to cunnilingus. But the main thing here is to find a comfortable position in which the stimulator hole will fit snugly and not allow air to pass through. Due to the created vacuum, these sensations are obtained, similar to caress with the tongue. The cool thing is that this part is quite large: in addition to the clitoris, the area around it will also be stimulated.

The vaginal part is not only a stimulator, but also a handle, a device body. It is equipped with a powerful vibration motor. But this stimulator is not suitable for deep vaginal stimulation due to the buttons and metal part. Of course, it does not have to be used for internal stimulation, it can be used for any other erogenous zones! And with anal stimulation, please be extremely careful: the expansion of the vacuum portion is not that great for a durable restraint.

In total, we have 2 powerful, but at the same time rather quiet motors, 11 levels of wave stimulation, the first of which are quite delicate, 10 vibration modes, three of which are with increasing intensity and 7 with different patterns, each level is gradually increasing, the latter – very powerful. Of course, I recommend starting with the first, the quietest. Most likely, you will rarely use the strongest ones, personally I have never reached them if I started with the first one.

The peculiarity of the toy is that it is controlled not only with the buttons on the body, but also with the help of a special application on your smartphone. The Satisfyer Connect app is completely free for both Android and iPhone. The connection is made via Bluetooth. There are absolutely no restrictions here! You can both control both motors in real time (draw a picture of excitement yourself, reproduce ready-made templates), and entrust the control to your partner, even if he is in a different place. There is also a very interesting function: stimulation to the beat of the voice and music! With this, you can enjoy your favorite songs and movies not only visually and audibly, but also internally, so to speak. The application also has text and video chat, event reminder function. So, with the app you can have an active sex life!

We can say that this stimulant will be relevant in any pair: both in the one where people are nearby, and in the one where the partners are separated due to one reason or another.

Remember that a water-based lubricant is ideal for these toys.

This cute stimulant is very simple to care for: before the first use, thoroughly wash it with soap and wipe it free from moisture. After use, you need to wash the toy with mild soap or treat with special cleaners for sex toys.

Of the minuses, I can point out not very convenient charging, which can sometimes come off because of its magnets... but this is not so important! The main thing is to put the device down and not touch it when charging.

Personally, I was pleased with this toy. The desired degree of pleasure can be achieved in the shortest possible time! I did not notice any discomfort, pain or discomfort. Who is this toy for? Yes to everyone! I would especially like to recommend it to newcomers in the field of sex toys who do not yet know what they like, or to those who want everything at once. However, be careful not to start at the maximum! Experiment and you will succeed.

The device is provided by the Satisfyer brand through the S-Market wholesale company with the assistance of

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