Vacuum Wave Stimulator Irresistible Invincible

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“Just one button, and you are in seventh heaven,”sex blogger, author of the Instagram channel “I am Soncha”.


Text and photos: I am Soncha

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Hello everyone! Ready for a SHOTS?

My slogan for life: “Every woman has a clitoral stimulant!” Spontaneous bathroom sex? And you will definitely not be left without sweets. Long game? Get ready to catch some amazing waves. You have a desire, and the man is at work? Get the “little helper”.

Before, apart from Satisfyer, I didn’t know anything, but thanks to exhibitions I realized that there are things much better.

So, another favorite is the Irresistible Invincible (Air wave stimulator) from SHOTS, or, as I call it, the “five-minute”.

This “invincible” baby is very powerful, equipped with Touchless Airwave technology and includes 10 vibration modes. Noise level 60 dB – very low. So, you can safely use it if someone is in the next room without being noticed. And this is often very important for the comfort of you and your family! The device is lightweight, compact and ready to travel with you wherever you go!

The ergonomics of its parts are perfect and fit any type of female organs. It is soft to touch, smooth and waterproof, made of medical grade silicone, and easy to clean. The non-contact Airwave technology creates a gentle suction effect and a perfect pulsation that passes through the tissues and stimulates the nerve endings of the clitoris. This is the difference between Invincible and other similar vibration stimulators, which can irritate or reduce the sensitivity of the clitoris due to excessive stimulation.

The hygienic sealed membrane in the toy is 100% waterproof and has an IP70 rating, which is the highest possible level. The membrane also protects against the ingress of liquids into the toy mechanism.

As for the appearance, this is a designer and very beautiful toy with perfect shapes. Magnetic USB charging, no batteries or rechargeable batteries. The controls are very simple: just one button, and you are in seventh heaven. But don't forget the water-based lubricant!

The device is very attractive and is definitely suitable for a gift to your beloved or girlfriend.

The editors remind that the above is the personal opinion of the author, which may not coincide with the opinion of other testers. A press release about the Irresistible brand is available on our website.