Variety of “games on the other side” from Dzhaga- Dzhaga

Dzhaga-Dzhaga , butt plugs , anal stimulators

The Russian brand has released several interesting anal toys at once. New products include illuminated plugs and a few novelties of the “tailed” collection.


Russian version

Two illuminated metal bushings are made in a classic teardrop shape with a tapered head and a convenient stopper. Due to their shape, compact size and small diameter, they will be comfortable to use in any situation. The metal body is hypoallergenic and perfect for playing at different temperatures: toys can be heated and cooled at will. But the main highlight of the new products is the three-color LED backlight with three operating modes. You can change the mode by clicking on the glowing element.

The collection of tails and bushings has grown with four new items made of metal and elastomer, with tails made of natural fur being from 30 to 40cm long. The teardrop-shaped body made of metal or elastomer does not cause allergies, guarantees easy insertion and comfortable wear, and the insertion lengths are from 7 to 12cm is suitable for any customer. These toys will be a great addition to role-playing games arsenal.