Industry 2022: Dzhaga-Dzhaga

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Sexshopers continues to monitor the situation and find out how the participants in the adult market are doing.


Russian version

This time we talked with Andrey Narkunas, commercial director of the Dzhaga-Dzhaga company.

Are there already any difficulties in connection with the sanctions? What exactly?

We are a Russian manufacturer and use our own technologies and Russian materials. The main difficulty is overcoming the emotional state of our partners.

How are the deliveries going? Do you have enough goods in stock?

Plans have been formulated so that, it seems to us, provide for all possible development options. We are ready for anything. The inventory of our own products allows us to feel confident in the current situation.

Are there internal agreements with foreign partners on how to continue working in the current conditions?

We work only with reliable and trusted suppliers who are true to their obligations in any situation.

How long will you be able to maintain the pricing policy or have you already raised your prices?

At the moment, we see no reason to increase prices. By maintaining selling prices, we ensure economic stability in our market and the opportunity for its systematic development!

How do consumers react to the current situation, what is happening with demand?

Light panic, excitement, misunderstanding. That is why we declare that we also leave unchanged all agreements with our partners on the terms of interaction. Calmness in this situation is equal to “stability”.

How will the increase in the refinancing rate to 20% affect your activities?

We are a sustainable, from a financial point of view, production organization. Production is always long money. But we don't see any catastrophe in changing the refinancing rate.

How much do you depend on foreign supplies: electronics, components for cosmetics, etc.?

Our production is over twenty years old. Over the past five years, we have been actively engaged in its modernization, the introduction of modern technologies and the development of new products. As a result of the reorganization, we managed to set up production processes as efficiently as possible, and most importantly, as independently as possible from external factors. This does not mean 100% independence, but the margin of safety is very large.

Thanks for the replies!

The Dzhaga-Dzhaga company also sent an information letter to its partners, in which it explained that the brand maintains prices and all agreements, and is ready to support customers. “In case of unforeseen situations, additional questions or the need to support your business, please contact the managers of our company. Working with a Russian manufacturer, you ensure your own stability and the stability of Russia!!! We keep all jobs, leaving the level of income of employees, benefits and social support unchanged. We are ready for any development of the situation, counting on the best. We are strong! We are together!” the letter says.

Sexshopers will continue to monitor developments.