Strawberry mood

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Intimate gel lubricant with strawberry aroma was tested by Alina Luab.


Text and photos: Alina Luab

Russian version

Have you ever tried strawberry jelly? Or maybe your grandmother as a child treated you to strawberry jelly? If so, then this taste will seem painfully familiar and dear to you, which in such a case may be slightly strange. But strange doesn't mean bad, right?

What is it?

An excellent lubricant from the Jaga-Jaga brand (produced by Biomed Nutrition), water-based with a light aroma and a pleasant ripe strawberry taste. The taste is so natural that it brings back pleasant childhood memories and helps to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Isn't that great?

Taste and color

The taste of this cute pinkish grease is really very natural and pleasant. There is no “chemical” bitterness and sugariness, as if this is not a sex lubricant, but homemade cooled jelly. The scent of the lubricant is reminiscent of freshly cut strawberries that pour their sour juice right onto a snow-white plate – they are drooling, right? The consistency of this grease also resembles a jelly: thick, viscous, there is no fear that too much of it may pour out – ideal.


I will not go deep into chemistry and composition – I will only say that nothing confused me. The composition is really natural and did not cause me any doubts that it is completely safe for me.

How is it in business?

In the process of manual and oral games, this lubricant showed itself just fine! It glides well, gives a pleasant sensation, despite the fact that it is cool in itself. (If you want warm, it is better to hold the tube under warm water). The lubricant is easily diluted with saliva and does a good job of increasing salivation for a comfortable blowjob. In sex, the lubricant also showed itself well: it gives good sliding and pleasant sensations, but in the shower, it still has to be washed off for a long time. Therefore, I recommend using the lubricant exclusively for manual and oral games – a kind of deliciously aromatic foreplay. Also, to add a "hot" context to a regular tea party, you can pour this grease on a cookie or cracker. It will be at least unusual, but as a maximum it will allow you to get deliciously aroused and turn the gatherings in the kitchen into kitchen sex!


They simply do not exist. I tried very hard to find them, but I could not. The lubricant is ideal in its simplicity, aroma and taste, as well as the convenience of a tube.


I see no reason to go through each of the assessment criteria in order to give everyone 10 points. Something worth noting though. For vaginal sex, the lubricant is not very suitable, at least for me: it seemed that it quickly becomes viscous and sticky, and in the shower, it has to be washed off a little longer than other lubricants. I'll give you a nine for that. Otherwise, the lubricant has established itself as an excellent option for the bedroom, for caresses and games, for exciting and enjoying each other. Do I recommend it? Oh sure! I recommend this lubricant to you with all hands and feet, as it not only gives you a pleasant tactile sensation, but also makes an incredible impression thanks to its very natural taste and aroma.

The lubricant is provided by Biomed Nutrition.