The art of female pleasure – CG cosmetics

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Erotic Fantasy presents new products for women from the American brand CG.


Russian version

At the EroExpo b2b exhibition held in November many guests for the first time got acquainted with the CG brand by visiting the stand of Erotic Fantasy. The brand presented its sleek design products and the guests of the exhibition could taste edible massage lotions and cooling kissing balms. A feature of the brand is its elegant design which is practically not associated with intimacy.

Today Erotic Fantasy presents more than 30 CG brand products, including:

edible massage creams that are great for manual stimulation, classic massage or kissing;

stimulating balms for the chest and lips, creating a tingling sensation and a slight cold;

perfumery with pheromones in different formats;

stimulating wet wipes with a double effect – cleansing and stimulating;

gold plated Kegel exercise balls.

Recently, a number of new products have appeared in the brand's product range (see illustrations in the slider – Editor's note).

1) Unique gels for oral practice-made in 60 ml volume, have a convenient dispenser and 3 flavors: berry mix, tingling mint and sugar rush. Delicate texture and excellent glide.

2) Stimulating and relaxing anal creams – suitable for use with toys or a partner. Warmth, tingling, agitation, relaxation. They are made with a volume of 20 ml and have a low flow rate.

3) Water-based and water-silicone based lubricants, suitable for use with toys and classic intimacy. For lovers of flavoring lubricants, the collection contains a lubricant with a delicate coconut flavor. Volume 130 ml, dispenser for convenience.

4) Stimulating gels for the clitoris and G-spot and slimming creams. Various effects to choose from: cooling, tingling or warming. Made in 30 ml volume and require only a couple of drops at the tip of the finger to get an intense pleasure.

Any product of the CG brand can easily fit into a lady’s handbag while truly resembling an ordinary cosmetic product. A very small brand logo is specially placed in the most inconspicuous corner of the package. Thus, the brand emphasizes the importance of the content of the product, its composition and effect, and not a loud name.

CG always adheres to simple rules that help the brand to be unique and in demand: maximum use of natural ingredients, minimalist and stylish design, affordable prices.

The press release is provided by the Erotic Fantasy wholesale company.