Reunion is a Russian brand of lubricants

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“Universal for any format of sexual intimacy – from masturbation to anal sex” – blogger Hanna Play.


Text and photos: Hanna Play

Russian version

I love testing lubricants, especially when, at first glance, it seems that there is nothing to talk about, it is so simple.

Let's start with the fact that Reunion is a Russian brand with production in the city of Ramenskoye near Moscow. For me, this is a reason for joy, every year there are more and more of our brands, the industry is developing.

The packaging design is laconic, in light colors, it evokes associations with a care product. For many, this will be a plus, you can safely put it on the bedside table and not worry about the excessive interest of household members.

The transparent tube with a snap-on lid is easy to open even with one hand. However, when traveling, it is still worth taking a new package with a protective clip on it. Or pour it into a dispenser bottle.

Water-based grease dries faster than silicone-based grease, but you can add a few more drops to improve glide.

It is valuable that Reunion does not roll into pellets and does not leave a sticky feeling, even when applied abundantly.

A transparent lubricant, odorless and tasteless, even glycerin sweetness is not felt – nothing will distract from the partner and bring down the mood.

It is universal for any format of sexual intimacy – from masturbation to anal sex (for the latter, I would recommend a different format of lubrication, but this is personal preference).

Suitable for inserting menstrual cups. When dry, it does not stain the laundry and is easily washed off with water from the body and toys.

Modern intimate cosmetics are not tested on animals, and Reunion is no exception.

Shelf life is 3 years, but after opening, I recommend using the lubricant for six months, it ceases to be sterile, especially in tubes.

When choosing intimate cosmetics, it is important to build on your own preferences, health status and characteristics of the body. Love and know your body!

Now let's take a look at the composition:
– water is the basis of foundations, without it anywhere;
– glycerin - there are always questions with it, although it is used almost everywhere (in good products, its absorbing properties are compensated for by moisturizing, regenerating components; you should also avoid it if you are prone to yeast infection, with a disturbed Ph);
– PEG-8 soothes and softens, not recommended for use on irritated skin;
– hydroxyethyl cellulose – a natural thickener;
– D-panthenol – moisturizes, accelerates regeneration;
– methylparaben, propylparaben – preservatives;
– allantoin – antioxidant, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.

A clear and honest line-up is another plus in the treasury of Reunion's merits.

The cost is about 500 rubles for 50 ml. How many times it will last for you is impossible to say, it all depends on the abundance of use.

Enjoy intimacy, study your body and do not forget about respect and care for intimate areas.

The lubricant is provided by the Reunion.Russia store.