Orctan – an innovative toy for men

Womanizer , for men , masturbator

The creator of the Womanizer, Michael Lenke, has developed a masturbator-massager for men, in shape and control system reminiscent of a joystick from a gaming console.


Russian version

According to the manufacturer, Orctan is the sex toy of the future with an elegant and discreet design in black and red tones and a light control panel. Orctan combines pleasure and health care: it can be used to recreate any kind of sex, and thanks to the massage effect, an erection becomes longer, stronger and more reliable.

This is a completely unusual masturbator: instead of tunnel technology, it is equipped with two massage rollers with different textures. One roller has a smooth surface, the other a bumpy one. By easily rearranging them, you can change the effect on the erogenous zones of the man's penis. Moreover, you can additionally buy more rollers and put two with the same texture, if there is such a need. The main stimulation is focused on the head and frenum. Each roller can rotate independently and has nine speeds.

The massage technology used in Orctan is patented by the developer. Another advantage of the innovative sex device is its noiselessness (editor's note – at EroExpo we managed to get acquainted with the new product, indeed, it is a very quiet toy with unusually gentle massage rollers).

The high-tech hinged design allows you to adjust the sex toy to any size of the penis, as well as to increase the pressure, if required, due to this, you can also provide a very realistic feeling like from oral sex. Orctan massage rollers are also great for use on a non-erect penis to warm up erogenous zones and induce a lasting erection. The toy can also be used in couples play during oral sex: stimulating the area below the frenum with the rollers, and orally stimulating the head of the penis.

Since the massage rollers are made of delicate silicone, the sex toy of the future can only be used with a water-based lubricant. If there is not enough lubrication and the rollers meet with strong resistance, then the device will stop working - this is protection against injury and overload during the operation of the sex toy. The device itself is made of non-porous ABS plastic with a carbon imitation.

When using Orctan, you need to hold it so that it is comfortable to operate the buttons with your index and middle fingers. The toy is turned on by holding the + or – button for two seconds, then by adjusting the pressing force and rotation speed of each roller, you can choose the stimulation that gives the greatest pleasure.

To clean the toy, it is enough to remove the rollers and rinse them or treat them with a toycleaner, the device itself can be wiped with a damp cloth after use – it cannot be washed, since the device has a degree of protection only against splashes (IPX4). Orctan charges via USB-C cable, charging time 60 minutes, use time 120 minutes.

Orctan set:
– Masturbator for men with massage rollers (total weight – 1552 g);
– USB-C charging cable;
– storage bag.