Nice little things and new sensations

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The test drive of two sex toys - a heated vibrator and a masturbator with a spiral mechanism - was conducted by psychologist and sexologist Elena Tretyakova.

Text: Elena Tretyakova

Russian version

Small introduction

Once I was examined in a cool (even by German standards) clinic in Berlin by a gynecologist. And there the instruments used to examine you were warmed up. Women will understand me now. It seems like a trifle, but it's so nice that the instruments are not cold touching you. So why did I remember this?

Vibrator Angel by Svakom

And this is for my first test toy – a heated rabbit vibrator Angel from Svakom. To be honest, I thought it would be nonsense, the manufacturers just don't know what to think of and try to add at least something new. In practice, however, it turned out that this is actually a very nice feature that adds new sensations. The vibrator heats up to 38 °C, which helps to further stimulate arousal and relax the muscles. The toy heats up in 1-2 minutes.

Of course, as in all new vibrators, there are a bunch of vibration options, including auto mode. The latter switches patterns itself so that you don't get used to one. Well, and besides, the moment of uncertainty remains, since it is not you who control the toy, but it controls itself!

I must say that it has a long and well-bending process.

The long arm is great because it will reach any clitoris just the way you want it. An easily bending scion is good because it is suitable for the bridge technique (orgasm transfer technique). And I would personally recommend the device as a first toy.

Tenga Spinner Masturbators

For men's solo games, as well as for couples, I can offer the Tenga Spinner. This is a masturbator for men with different reliefs. It has a spiral mechanism that itself turns around the penis when you make frictions, thereby providing additional massage using the internal relief.

There are several pieces in the line. Each Spinner has a different bump pattern, so it should feel differently. I have two of them. As you can imagine, I personally can't say anything, so I share my impressions of the man.

“The first is the Tenga Spinner Pixel, which feels more like a vagina and wraps around the penis tighter.

The second – Tenga Spinner Tetra – is more gentle and more like the feeling of a blowjob.

With the first toy you finish faster, and with the second you can prolong the pleasure. What you like more is a matter of taste.”

And yes! Here I will repeat again that sex is not only about vaginal penetration. It's so cool when a girl takes a Spinner and masturbates to her partner. This is also normal sex! Try it, experiment! And of course, this is a cool gift for a man. Therefore, men, please yourself, women, please your partners!

The toys were provided to the blogger for the test by the store.