Bond. We-Vibe Bond

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The author of the telegram channel “Uncle Terin” is testing a black cock ring from We-Vibe.

Text and photos: Uncle Terin

Russian version

Yes, the Bearded Expert has to work hard this month!

This time they sent me a curious piece for a review, which did not find analogues for. This special motorized ring is fixed around the base of the penis and scrotum, and the main stimulation goes to the scrotum and perineum.

Quite intriguing I can tell you.

Just comments from me.

In general, I have a kink for fixing the scrotum, so here – it was stroked as much as possible. A tense cock and tight balls looks very fetishy. Wow!

Because of this fixation, touching them gives a vivid reaction, even if it is just stroking. For lovers of slaps on the scrotum, this device will also have to be in place.

Now we are listening to a tip from the Bearded Expert.


– the ring is not for the process itself, but for secret wearing, teasing, use during foreplay.


– it attaches well, does not fall off and does not try to fall off at all when worn;
– high-quality materials do not cause discomfort;
– can be used both with the remote control and with the application;
– quiet operation of the device and its fit under the scrotum are great for hidden wearing in public places;
– the element for adjusting the size allows a wider range of people to enjoy this toy.


– The mount clamps the pubic hair, so it is better to prepare a little and trim the “pad” before use.


– use during sexual intercourse at your discretion (the toy is not intended and positioned for this);
– do not use for more than 30 minutes at a time in order to avoid rubbing, squeezing blood flow and other possible troubles;
– the ring does not stretch very much and it may not fit on a member with a diameter of a brush (and if it does, it will cause discomfort), so it is better to measure and estimate the size in advance;
– read the instructions before use (this always applies to technology and electronics), and then you will enjoy all the pleasant sensations that this device can offer you.

Terin steps in again.

This device can serve as a kind of prolongator and delay the time of orgasm, but you should not flirt with it too much.

For people with a very long penis, due to the fact that with the help of the ring the scrotum is pressed against the trunk, Bond works as an imitation of a restraint, only with vibration.

The maximum diameter of the penis for use with this device is 4.2 cm (which is approximately 13 cm in circumference). It is possible to be immersed in water for a short time (no more than 30 minutes), which means that you can safely use it in the shower and similar events.

Low noise level with a strong motor, and anatomically comfortable sitting.

I liked that the toy looks stylish. From the box to the remote control. Everything is in the same style, laconic and clear.

It connects quickly with the application, at the same time the application also shows the amount of charge, which is convenient.

Application methods:

– send a partner to wash the dishes;
– send a partner to the store;
– handjob;
– footjob;
– forced orgasm;
– spanking;
– spanking on the balls;
– it is possible to combine it with urethral bougie;
– frottage (yes, yes, let your partner rub against you or you rub against him teasingly);
– great for Skype sessions or video calling on the app – so to speak, remote sex!


A great piece of new products in the industry. Stylish, beautiful, from a good and high quality brand.

Love, Terin.

The device is provided by the Freud's shop.

More about this device – in the press release “Bond by We-Vibe” on our website.