New Biomed Nutrition Lubricants (Dzhaga-Dzhaga)

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Company Biomed Nutrition's released two new hybrid lubricants.


Russian version

The range of Biomed Nutrition lubricants marketed under the Dzhaga-Dzhaga brand is large and varied. However, the company does not stop and is trying to expand the line to satisfy the requests, desires and needs of its clients.

Most recently, they released not one, but two new lubricants at once. These are hybrid water-oil lubricants, one of which has a warming effect. They contain coconut oil, aloe vera and have no glycerin. According to the manufacturer, such ingredients help moisturize and nourish the mucous membrane. The presence of coconut oil in the composition provides the lubricant with long glide and a pleasant aroma.

We at have tested new products with Unilatex latex condoms, the contraceptive remained intact, and we are very happy about it. Let's see what other testers have to say.

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