Masturbators Decor 2 from OTOUCH

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The Chinese brand has released heated masturbators with UV disinfection function.


Russian version

Decor 2 is a collection of soft embossed masturbators. A heating element with protection against overheating (turns off at 55 °C) and an ultraviolet sterilizer are built into the masturbator storage case. Both functions work simultaneously when the storage case is powered. Thus, the novelty provides both comfort of use and safety.

“UV disinfection has long been seen as an effective way to kill germs. We have added a UV lamp to the heating element to protect your health as much as possible,” says an OTOUCH spokesperson.

After use, the masturbator must be washed and treated with a special powder for sex toys and put into a storage case.

The Decor 2 collection includes three types of relief masturbators: Whirlppol, Billow and Ripple. They are all of the same size – 128 × 63 mm. Press release provided by OTOUCH brand.