Gegg: reusable yet gentle

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“It’s worth a try as a variety, because every man has his own requirements for sensations and sensitivity,” sex blogger Nochnaja Skazka (Night Tale).


Text and photos: Nochnaja Skazka

Russian version

Absolutely everyone already knows about the existence of masturbation eggs as an addition and variety in intimate life. And it's incredibly great that the selection of such eggs, as well as their variants, is growing. After all, for girls there are already so many toys of different types, and the guys are content with monotony.

Today I got my hands on a new product from Gvibe – Gegg. These are very soft eggs made from premium TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material, designed to stimulate the glans penis with a variety of hand movements.

They stretch perfectly, feel incredibly soft and tactilely pleasant. The set includes 5 eggs in plastic containers of different colors. The color indicates the intensity of the stimulation and the various patterns within.

Eggs stretch very well, which means they are great for different sizes. The most interesting thing is that there is no feeling that this egg will crack right now. Stretch marks do not appear on the material, the material itself does not deform, no matter how you pull it, and is collected back to its original state. Unlike Tenga, whose eggs are declared as disposable, here the manufacturer assures that the toy is reusable.

Outside – the material is insanely smooth, delicate, pleasant, but does not slip out of hands even from a huge amount of lubricant. Inside - 5 different reliefs for intense play that is suitable for both solo fun and doubles play.

Each pattern has its own intensity of pleasure, for example:
– yellow – very soft and delicate, suitable for those who need tenderness and who have a very sensitive head;
– black – insanely intense and bright in sensations;
– red has an abundance of all kinds of protrusions, soft sticks, which gives a caressing effect, but very intense;
– blue is too delicate, if you stretch it, it is completely lost, leaving only the effect of a vacuum;
– pink – completely incomprehensible and useless, no matter how you try to look for an angle, the pattern does not feel at all.

It is very easy to take care of such toys. It is enough to rinse the inside with soap or a special cleaner, dry it completely. Then use a powder or powder to prevent the material from sticking, and put it in a plastic case until next use - you are amazing, the toy will last a very long time.


It's worth trying as a variety, because every man has his own requirements for sensations and sensitivity. In addition, Gegg is a budget toy and costs half as much as Tenga eggs. Why not go in search of new sensations?

The devices are reusable, but delicate, they don't like intensity, they tear quickly, so be careful.