Male masturbators are put to the test

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A mini mouth by ToyFa vs. a vagina by Lola Toys, and an afterword to the egg masturbators by Svakom and Tenga, have turned the previously published impressions upside down.


This time, our tester has got two masturbators: the portable mini Mouth-masturbator in a handy bulb by ToyFa and the vagina Foxy Lady Ashley vagina Foxy Lady Ashley by Lola Toys. Below you can read the impressions the tester has shared in the first person.

* * *
Portable mini Mouth-masturbator in a handy bulb by ToyFa. Its specification says the following. Want oral sex here and now? It's simple! This insatiable mouth is always ready to caress you. Slip through those closed puffy lips in the tunnel of love, being so narrow and soft. You movements inside it, in any rhythm, will bring you to the brightest discharge. 

Technical specifications:
Length: 12.00 cm
Purpose: penis stimulation
Vibration: none
Material: thermoplastic rubber (TPR)

As the manufacturer claims, the bulb is really handy. Still... The first thing that hit me was the bulb's size. It is taller than a glass! After opening the package and getting the toy out, I was astonished. No, not that. I was shocked. 

This is not a mouth. Well, it actually is. But it is packed with the esophagus. I don't know, perhaps it had been designed for Rocco Siffredi, but this is actually a fiasco... It is long. It is damn long. The stuff is nice, though. However, I wouldn't get the "brightest discharge". I was trying to handle the mouth' "end" that was hanging out freely. The maintenance is disgusting. The opening is only one. It is difficult to clean.

Advantages: a handy package, nice texture

Disadvantages: troublesome cleaning process, has size of a stallion’s penis. It is hard to use as intended. You need to be always trying to compensate the amplitude the swinging opposite end of the toy creates. 

Will I use this toy again? I won't.

* * *
Vagina-stroker Foxy Lady Ashley by the company Lola toys. Its description is also attractive. A nude-colored masturbator imitates a female vagina. This intimate accessory is made of a soft and elastic stuff. Inside, the stroker has got some salient points meant to reach for the maximum excitement level. 

Technical specifications:
Material: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Diameter: 6.00
Length: 11.50
Function: genital stimulation

After reading the description on websites and studying the inner surface, I was looking forward to get this toy. Here it comes wrapped with a nice package placed into a white bag (the bag is very cute, by the way). A kind of a small pink toy having a tiny opening. At first, I try to clean it and immediately face the first problem: it is difficult to wash. Very difficult. There is only one opening, you can't easily clean it inside. With great difficulty, I managed to rip it out and washed it. Then, had it dried. 

So, what I am gonna say... To my mind, this toy is very beautiful, it is the toy’s hook. It has got quite an ideal look. The smaller lips seem so real! But, its use is... Despite the inner structure that so greatly impressed me, the sensations are absolutely vague. The biggest sensations are probably those at the moment of slipping in and those of the orgasm caused by the fact it is something new. However, it takes more time. 

Advantages: I liked very much both the stuff and the way it looks. 

Disadvantages: the sensations are vague and faint, the cleaning process is a pain in the ass. 

Will I use it again? I won't unless I feel like trying something unusual. 


A brief supplement to the report on the egg masturbators Svakom and Tenga. Two months later...

I suddenly realized I had been using Tenga, basically. The orgasm is bright and guaranteed. Erm...

I tried Svakom once again... a bleak experience. So, all of a sudden, the leader of self-satisfaction has lost its seat. 

A week later, I got foolishly deprived of Svakom’s: it got melted and started to run. I left it on the window exposed to the sunlight. It is worth mentioning that Tenga’s piece was placed there too. The latter feels fine. 

More pros and cons I noted.

Svakom: with insufficient lube the process gets uncomfortable. With plenty of lube, the latter is running outside. 

Tenga: a sudden discovery is that all these lashes and bulbs and nodes do stimulate greatly! 

The conclusion: the toy by Tenga is a must have.