Tenga vs. Svakom

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An anonymous male sex toy tester has shared a report comparing two popular egg masturbators.


Here are the test results in his words.

I've got two nice toys as a present: svakom ice-cream and tenga egg. The two are very pleasant to touch: soft, but tight. Both are supplied with a package of branded lubricant.

A few recommendations:

  1. If you live in a cold climate, get them warm before using
  2. Don't save your lubricant. Not just as you are used to. Use it aboundantly.
  3. Take care of them and they will serve you faithfully

I was impressed by their size. While Svakom covers the whole trunk, Tenga only embraces the glans penis.

As for the impressions...

Tenga egg. Each model has different internal structure, the manufacturer claims. I've got to test a rather strange kind. Have you ever seen the balls introduced to under the penis' skin? That is what I felt inside the egg, tiny balls. So, as for me, individually, I didn't like the structure of this particular model. Still, you can get the result. Will I try it again? In case I am too damn bored, I probably will. The manufacturer marks this egg as disposable one. However, if you use it gently and take care of it on time, you can enjoy it more times. If only you want to.

Svakom ice-cream. What can I say... Pretty good. A pretty nice surface inside. The only problem is that it requires much more lubricant than Tenga. Very pleasant while using. The sensations are fantastic. Beyond my expectations. I use toys rather often. I've got vaginas, butts. But Svakom is something incredible!

The key difference from the other masturbators (vaginas and butts) is that you can control the pressure it makes on the glans, you can caress those zones you like, yet, with other similar masturbators, you are impossible to choose a zone, the choice is up to the manufacturer only. The manufacturer claims that the product is reusable (5-6 times). Well, I am not sure. With me, it has survived a dozen times, still, it is far from being torn. Anyway, guys, I do recommend you should try.

By the way, it is two-sided, the manufacturer says. So, I put it inside out and tried. No pleasure at all. It can be put on a finger and used for caressing yourself, I read then. You know, such way of using it has not impressed me at all.