Hedy X from Svakom

svakom , masturbator

Svakom announces the creation of an updated set of Hedy masturbators.


Russian version

Svakom is a brand that, not only dedicates time to create pieces that make us feel and live new experiences, they have, also, become lovers of reinventing themselves, use introspection as inspiration, and incorporate different techniques to add technology in all the products they offer us.

By removing the plastic covering in each of the pieces, we find a discreet translucent design that acts as a case to store and transport your toy but also as a drying mount that holds your piece until it dries after you wash it lets remember that here is also a where you are going to find the, cleverly placed, water-based lubricant sachet that comes with every piece. Then, of course, comes the star, the ultra-soft sleeve that is set to bring extreme pleasure with every stroke and with the incredibly different textures engraved in each design. Every pattern -on both sides of each sleeve- is designed to create a rhythm and a motion that will allow you to disconnect from your other senses and truly flow with your feelings.

Speaking with a rep from the brand we learned that the inspiration for this upgrade comes from all the differences that we can find when we share what arouses us; people are seduced and triggered by different shapes, colors, flavors, smells and emotions and HEDY X was created to represent those contrasts. A smart idea with a polished execution and your mighty touch.

The press release is provided by Svakom.