Four masturbators from Zero Tolerance

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The company unveiled lifelike masturbators based on the view of vaginas of adult movie stars.


Russian version

Kira Noir, Ana Foxxx, Channel Heart and Sasha Gray were chosen as models.

The masturbators in the shapes of the first three models are very realistic – right down to skin color. They are made in the shape of the model's hips and are equipped with two holes that mimic the anus and vagina with a complex relief texture inside each channel. With the masturbator comes Erection ring with a pickup to the scrotum. A comfortable shape, sizes close to real ones and imitation of different poses (a girl on her side with squeezed legs or on her back with raised or spread legs) will add natural sensations. Masturbators are waterproof and made of TPE, phthalate freeand latex. A separate feature is the ability to download a film with a selected actress for free and enjoy her forms while watching.

The masturbator shaped like the adult movie star Sasha Gray, also features a realistic port, but is made of transparent matte elastomer. It is an automatic suction cup masturbator with vibration and suction function. At the same time, he can reproduce the lines of the actress and allows you to watch a free downloadable film with her participation. It has 6 built-in vibration modes and seven levels of suction. In addition, during the process, the backlight is turned on inside and the user can watch what is happening through a special window in the masturbator’s body.

Press release – courtesy of Zero Tolerance.