Arcwave: a new type of male orgasm

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These are the words spoken by the representatives of the Wow Tech Group presenting the long-awaited first toy of the brand.


Russian version

Ever since the Womanizer brand appeared in the adult products industry with its Pleasure Air technology and clitoris stimulators that were different fr om all toys for women known at that time, the question has repeatedly arisen: when will something like this be invented for men? Now it has the answer!

The company's official message says: “Welcome to the world of new technologies! We did it! We have made a new breakthrough! We proved to all skeptics that it is possible to invent something fundamentally new and bring men's pleasure to a new, previously impossible level! The innovative masturbator is based on the Pleasure Air technology which has already given an orgasm to millions of women. Now it's men’s turn!”

Previously, the Arcwave brand was repeatedly mentioned by representatives of the Wow Tech Group but the details were kept secret. Russian retailers were able to see the first and so far the only product of the brand – the Ion masturbator, demonstrated by Karen Nazaretyan at the webinar from the wholesale company Kazanova 69, which will represent Arcwave in Russia.

Here's what he told about the novelty. The developers faced an interesting but difficult task – to adapt the air stimulation technology to the male anatomy. It was possible to draw a similarity between the male and female genital organs thanks to the so-called Pacini receptors – nerve endings that are found both in the clitoris and in the penis. Their exposure leads to a vivid orgasm regardless of gender. However, it was not enough to simply adapt to other sizes in order to affect not the clitoris, but the penis’s head. I had to make many other improvements so that Womanizer turned into Arcwave.

Karen demonstrated everything from packaging to the device itself. The kit includes the masturbator itself, the base wh ere it was stored, and a case. The inner surface of the masturbator is made of special medical grade CleanTech silicone which has a higher molecular density than other materials, provides the necessary tactile sensations, one hundred percent waterproof and easy to clean. The Twist Open function and the Smart Base, which provides automatic charging and drying of Dry Tech will make usage as comfortable as possible, while the Smart Silence function will ensure that the masturbator turns on and off instantly. Thanks to its sensor technology, Ion knows exactly when to stimulate and when not.

Several more important points were noted separately.

One of the problems that was addressed in the development process turned out to be the size of the penis, which can vary significantly from man to man (the very case when size matters). This problem was solved due to the fact that Arcwave uses two types of silicone. According to Karen Nazaretyan, the stimulation will be of the same quality for any size, the masturbator will suit almost all men.

Another equally important issue is the service life of the device. The company claims the Ion isn't just a reusable masturbator, it has no lifespan limitations at all. At the same time, the material in contact with the penis remains soft and delicate.

For care procedures, the masturbator is divided into two halves, which can be easily washed with warm water with a soap or a cleaner and then it is installed in the bas to dry, get charged and stored.

Representatives of offline stores were shown a beautiful display for demonstrating toys in a shop.

It is worth noticing that the kit also includes two joint products Arcwave and Pjur: the water-based masturbation lubricant and the toy cleaner.

The masturbator can be used in the traditional way, moving it along the penis and enjoying the internal texture, but the main feature of the novelty is the “new” orgasm that men have not experienced before.

If you hurry up, you can have time to try this miracle before the New Year! The first batch is expected in Russia in about a week.