Airturn – Heated Masturbator by Otouch

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The Otouch brand begins its promotion on the Russian market of adult goods.

Russian version

The company has been on the market since 2013 and produces vibrators, clitoris stimulators, including vacuum ones, masturbators and anal toys. Often, brand products do not look like sex toys at all. Our readers first learned about flowers and mushrooms from Otouch in Alina Shikut's reports from the 2019 Shanghai exhibition. And we begin to acquaint you with the modern products of the brand

According to the company, they have released the world's first masturbator with vibration, suction and heating functions. Functions can be used individually or all together. They can be controlled and monitored by the LED display.

This luxurious masturbator has a beautiful body made in a long, streamlined design. The inner part is made of soft silicone and is equipped with spikes and ridges that provide optimal stimulation of the penis. “We adhere to the principle of a long and narrow shape so that the user can easily hold the masturbator with one hand, and the soft silicone brings the touch closer to real skin, which gives users more room to imagine,” said Otouch designers.

The masturbator has six vibration modes, five modes for simulating oral sex using a unique patented sensor technology that provides a 360° vacuum, and two heating modes ranging from 35°C to 45°C. The entrance mimics the shape of a human mouth.

The toy is easy to clean after use. The IPX6 waterproof rating allows not only washing the toy, but also using it in the shower.

“Heating and vibration functions have become an indispensable combination for male masturbators, and we will undoubtedly use this as a basis for creating products that can bring you even more pleasure,” said a company spokesman.

The kit includes a masturbator, USB charging cable, instructions and a pouch for storage and transportation.

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