A fiery present

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The Russian brand Dzhaga-Dzhaga (by Biomed Nutrition) has prepared a limited edition of sensual gift sets.


Russian version

In total, there are three types of sets, each of them has four different massage candles made from natural oils. According to Dzhaga-Dzhaga, these new items can both become an excellent gift not only for a partner, but also for loved ones to help couples spend a romantic holidays, to properly relax and reveal their innermost desires.

The first set includes massage candles “Spring Dew”, “Paradise Cherry”, “Malachite Dream” and “Secrets of the East”; in the second one there are: “Temptation”, “Fruit Fantasy”, “Malachite Dream” and “Strawberry in Cream”; in the third one: “Smoothie Boom”, “Amber Morning”, “Hawaiian Summer” and “Strawberry in Cream”.

When you make a purchase of brand lubricants for 10,000 rubles or more, any set can be received as a gift, and if your order is for 30,000 rubles or more, you are gifted all three sets.

Maxim Kalyatin, the CEO of Biomed Nutrition, spoke about the new products:

– Dear colleagues, friends and users, on the eve of the upcoming big holidays, we present you gift sets for you and your loved ones. Firstly, it is a wonderful gift that you can give and receive as a sign of special attention. Secondly, inside the set you will find a pleasant congratulation and four massage candles in the form of yin-yang sign with different aromas, which will last for the entire period of the holidays, and if not, you can always order more. Thirdly, you are presented with three different sets with an assortment of aromas to choose from, so everyone will find and be able to choose the desired option. Fourthly, the cost will pleasantly surprise you. All sets are in stock!