What is live training?

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Astkol-Alpha company invited everyone to the first live training since the beginning of self-isolation. The hall on prospekt named after Serebryakov opened its doors, and all fans of live performances (including our author) gladly accepted this invitation.


Text and photo: Tanya Asharina

Russian version

Each yearned in self-isolation in their own way. Many of us missed hanging out with friends in a cafe, having fun going to the cinema and trips to the sea. My personal pain is the lack of trainings and exhibitions. Yes, we had webinars with brand representatives. But even the most modern technologies are not able to convey the taste of lubricant, the touch of delicate silicone and goosebumps from vibration.

Before the start of the training, it was already lively in the hall. Olga Blinkova was happy to communicate with guests, sharing interesting industry news. Each of those present was given the “Sign” magazine, which tells about the novelties in the adult sphere.

The first brand discussed was Svakom. Of course, we were given the opportunity to hold each toy in our hands. Olga spoke about the history and philosophy of the brand, which was especially useful for novice sellers who attended the training.

Swiss Navy Ambassador Dmitry Averyanov charged the guests with positive emotions with his jokes and lively presentation. The training participants tasted the brand's new oral lubricants. We look forward to seeing them on sale! Dmitry traditionally presented each participant with a set of lubricants, creams and cleaners.

After a short coffee break, everyone gathered for an exciting presentation of toys from the Korean brand Kokos. Mikhail Starovoit spoke in detail about the materials and technologies used to make the most realistic and detailed masturbators. The guests were even able to see and touch the cutaways of the toys.

The next speaker was Tatiana Kopylova, who told us about the Hot Octopuss brand. These toys are not yet so popular in our country, but we hope that this will change soon. Many of the brand's devices work with PulsePlate technology which uses the oscillation method. It allows to get maximum pleasure even older men with a weakened erection.

Olga Blinkova spoke for the second time, talking about the Shunga brand. Gels, massage oils, bath foams and lubricants – all the products were poured into cups and handed down the aisles for a better introduction. Also, each guest was given instructions that clearly showed how to use this or that piece of cosmetics.

The final part of the training was a story about the Viotec brand. Few in the audience were familiar with these futuristic devices, and even fewer were those who at least once held them in their hands. The main feature of the brand is touch screens instead of the usual control buttons. By the way, even water will not interfere with changing of speeds! The sensor works great in all conditions. The participants of the training commended the responsive handling, design and vibration.

Once again, we thank Astkol-Alpha for an exciting event! We hope that this year there will be many memorable trainings, lectures and exhibitions.