What to choose as the first toy?

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Confused when choosing? A sex blogger, author of the telegram channel “Lena and Her Members” will come to the rescue and give the newcomer sensible advice.

Text and photos: Lena and Her Members

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For me, the question of the first toy is very acute. A perfect match should happen in my world, it's like the first impression. If the first toy was great, then we are happy, we want to repeat the positive experience and just live in the world of orgasms. If the first toy was a failure, then we regret the money wasted, and it will be very difficult to decide on the next device that would please. As with people in tinder: it was cool – we repeat, it was not very – ciao.

My first experience with a toy was such that I didn't really want to use a member on a string with a remote control. So, it was more of a dust collector than a sex device. In the selection, I have collected what I personally would like myself as my first toy.

1. The first time I was in a sex shop, the consultants did not tell me about the cleaner or the lubricants. Thank you for my ability to google! As a result, I had to go to the sex shop again, this time for related products. The year 2021 pampers us not only with cool toys, but also with ready-made sets. The G-wave vibrator, which is in a special place in my heart, has now been put in a box with lubricant and a cleaner (and it all costs less than just a toy). Potentially positive experience fishing rod is thrown.

I love G-wave for its flexibility and for the fact that it is impossible to miss with it. The clitoral process will reach any head of the clitoris, and the device will make it possible to use it not only as a rabbit. Suitable for requests when you want versatility, like a 3-in-1 shampoo. And for those who do not know which toy can fit anatomically.

2. I had a strictly limited budget for the first device. I was a student with a part-time job in a clothing store, so I didn't want to dump all the money in the world. My first toy cost me two and a half thousand – and it was a failure, plus the cost of batteries and a new nervous system, because the cock on the shelf scared me a couple of times in the middle of the night. Millions of years have passed since then, inflation, and the industry has leaped forward. Therefore, I would definitely buy a Mono Flex from Satisfyer from the past (if I knew about it, and it would have been on sale at that time!). He's budget-friendly and awesome. 100% more orgasms than a battery penis.

It gets into the request when you want a rabbit vibrator, like the feeling of fullness and the desire for sex at a distance. You can bend and grope for new sensitive areas. Understand how and what you like: penetration depth, power. Match for sure!

3. The last device that I would consider as the first toy: Svakom Trysta. I did not understand at all whether my vagina was sensitive or whether it was the magic of rubbing the head of the clitoris against the pubis of my partner. I wanted something to develop sensitivity. Trysta is just about this: about feelings inside, manual stimulation. By the way, it will come to those who are used to masturbating with their fingers and do not want to throw themselves into vibration during the summer. Of the important: the size of the toy is small, it will be comfortable for penetration.

All of the above can be found in the tizzi.ru store. Only they have a rule: if the first toy does not fit, then you can return it and choose another one.