The first day of the festival

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The participants formed several groups, each of those had taken part in five trainings held  by the vendors.


The first table visited by one of the groups was that of the company PipeDream. Stiven Sav and his assistant represented the company's novelties. The greatest impression was caused by the pump with the oral sex process imitation, thanks to the changing pressure, the anal plug with teasing motion for massaging the prostate, and the sex machine worth a thousand words. Within the next 24 hours, the video is available on our portal's Instagram history.

The table of Bathmate was the second one for this group, being the fourth one by number. Here, the training was held by Igor Gerasimov, the company's permanent representative in Russia. He told us about the pumps of several lines, both popular and new, showing the ways they can be used, and represented the associated products later.

The training on lubricants by Swill Navy caused a great impression on the participants. The chief editor was so interested in the story told by the company's agent, that no video was made. From the presentation we knew that the anal lubricants had been specifically made for Russia, the silicon-based lubes were suitable for having anal sex as well as for having sex in water. A specific liquid was created to clean the skin after using them. To combine with the sex toys, a water-based lube, added some silicon, was produced to get really long glide. And now, the oral sex can be and should be literally delicious. The list is long.

A French company, Concorde, pleased the customers with their massage votives, now manufactured with a heart-shaped package of smaller size and offering ten different scents, these are sold along with the former jar-shaped wrapping. They smell amazing, while when melted, their basis gets warm, not hot. The massage oil, apart from being nicely scented, is edible and can be used during the oral sex. The collection My first seemed very pleasant and appropriate to its name, it serves for the acquaintance with the world of sex toys and only includes small-sized vibrators.

The last training on the list was held by Doc Johnson. The table contained a variety of dildos, realistics of different colour and shape, some of them had suction cups, others had an opening to match the wow-lock system. Their stuff, called ultraskin, gives a surprising combination of being soft outside and hard inside. Besides, Sacha Grey, the masturbator with a pressure regulating valve inside it was shown to public.

Apart from the trainings, the participants enjoyed the wonderful weather, the informal talk and the warm sea.