Christoph Walme: Thaifest Blitz Interview

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Christoph Walme (Concorde) answers “5 short questions from sexshopers”.

Questions asked by: Marina Chicheva
Posted by: Christoph Walme (Concorde)
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

Name your favorite product of your brand.

Of my brand, my favorite product actually is the range Plaisir Secret. It is all about cosmetic and erotic.

And some product of any other brand?

I like the brand from Germany, Fun Factory, you know. Because they still produce in Germany. And it is quality dildo, really. And I like the design, so colorful.

Do you visit adult stores?

Yes, I do.

For yourself or for business?

For business, of course. It is always for business. Because adult stores buy from Concorde and I provide them everything that they may need for their customers.

What is the most unusual usage of an 18+ product that you know?

Well, we are selling sex toys. And the thing is that I do not what to know or peep use it. It is not my business. So, I never ask to myself when I am selling some things: “Well, what are they gonna do with that?” No. It is private. And I keep it private. I am professional.

Let's dream, let's fantasize... What functions will the ideal toy of the future have?

As for me, I do believe in dolls, you know. Real dolls that may be able to speak, that may be able to welcome you at home. It would be a kind of robot, in fact, but a sexual robot-completely independent. That is for me. Big-big toys. It will be expensive of course. But that is for me the toys of the future. Male or female.

And the last question: What can you wish to our readers?

I wish that you enjoy first of all your life. And then, secondly, your sexual life. Because sex is very important actually. Especially in this world.

Thank you very much. That's all.