Randy Withers: Thaifest Blitz Interview

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Randy Withers (Swiss Navy) answers “5 short questions from sexshopers”.

Questions asked by: Marina Chicheva
Posted by: Randy Withers (Swiss Navy)
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

Please, name your favorite products: of your brand and that of another brand.

My favorite product… would be Sensual Arousal. I love that product. It makes it more exiting for her. And I can use all the hope staying up by candy, it helps me stay strong. For her. Cause you know: if a woman is having great sex, then you are too.

And what about any other brand?

That’s tough. That’s a tough one. Let me think… Ok, I like the Pure Back Door. Yeah, they make a good product.

Do you visit adult stores?

Yeah, for sure. I visit them often. Have to understand what makes commercial sense to them. Things what we are here for is to help them profit fr om our product. So, I advise them on merchandizing and proper amount of stock to have. As an example, having more non-flavored water-based as opposed to flavored water-based. Because I know how much the turnover is higher. I do not want them to have a product that sits, that does not do them any good. They need it to turnover. So, I recommend they correct them out. So, when they make their orders, then they replace the stock they sold. It does not do any good to them or me if it sits on the shelf.

What is the most unusual usage of an 18+ product?

Oh! Have you ever heard of the “posh wank”? I know: you have not heard of the “posh wank”. Well, this is something done in the United Kingdom wh ere they actually use a condom while masturbating. I just do not understand that. But they seem to feel that it… The “posh wank” means it is a very upscale masturbation. To me, I do not understand this.

Let’s dream, let’s fantasize! What functions will the ideal toys have in future?

The toy of the future…

Or maybe a lubricant of the future…

The toy of the future would have its lubricant inside and you would not have to apply it.

And what will Swiss Navy will think in this case?


And the last question, the traditional one: what can you wish to our readers?

What can I wish to the readers? I wish them a wonderful 2022-one that is free of fear and free of COVID-19.

Yeah. Thank you! That’s all!