Post-COVID changes in sex life

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What do adult training specialists recommend that one should do in order to recover one's sensitivity and the ability to get an orgasm?


Text: Yana Draganova

Russian version

During our adult trainings we often work with people on basic issues: sex and relationships, as well as related topics, such as:
– psychological matters;
– health status;
– family climate;
– libido;
– sexual desires and fantasies.

We therefore have revealed a sequence of repeating complaints we can hear with growing frequency from our clients who got over COVID-19, in any of its manifestations. These will be mentioned later in the text.

The WHO lists the following COVID-related problems as its consequences:
– fatigue;
– headache;
– pain in the chest;
– muscle pain and tingling;
– memory disorders (forgetfulness);
– depression;
– continuous cough;
– difficulty to breathe;
– accelerated heart rate;
– diarrhea;
– abdominal pain;
– rash and episodes of fever.

It is definitely a bad idea to show this list to a hypochondriac.

“The Lancet” is an authoritative medical weekly and among its publications there is a research on post-COVID-19 syndrome. This is one of the most famous, well-established and top general medical journals, a trustworthy one. The study focuses on mild COVID-19 in non-hospitalized patients.

Up to 9% of them reported long-lasting shortness of breath.
12 % report anosmia (loss of sense of smell).
11% report ageusia (loss of taste).
Almost 10% mentioned extreme fatigue.

“It has been over a year now and is still present”, say COVID-19 patients who contracted the virus soon after the outbreak of the pandemic.

“As an adult training studio specialist, I noticed that the requests to enhance sensitivity are many and their number is growing”, says Nadezhda Nazarenko, the leading instructor of @lovestoryschool. A significant drop in sensitivity, decreased sex drive, poor blood circulation in the genital area, weak climax or total loss of orgasm.

“It feels like my sensitivity has gone”, say clients at the moment of describing their sensations.

No global recommendations for treating post-COVID-19 syndrome exist nowadays. The Russian Ministry of Health approved a number of recommendations for the rehabilitation of such patients. These are short-term guidelines, though. So far, few medical doctors and few patients are aware of the post-COVID-19 syndrome and its symptoms. In a couple of years we will probably get much more information and a targeted treatment will finally appear to address certain types of post-COVID-19 syndrome. This process requires time and panic control too. Surviving is a priority! While doctors and scientists are busy studying post-COVID conditions, physicians suggest that patients should carefully study their own body reactions. Sounds great!

Here are our tips:
– use lubricants that increase blood flow;
– use liquid stimulators to be applied locally;
– use vaginal balls with offset center of gravity designed for long-term wearing;
– use exercise machines and devices for training the muscles located deep inside.

And do your best and seek to reach a climax using all the techniques you know. Your body and your nervous system is sure to gradually restore the neural pathways broken by the disease and will create new ones.

General recommendations:
– increase your intake of pure water;
– control the amount of food you eat, your nutrition should be moderate and consist mostly of veggies and products rich in protein;
– cut down sugar and avoid fast food;
– fix your sleep schedule;
– incorporate some sports into your routine.

And we wish you a lot more happy moments! Raise your vibrations! You have everything you need inside you, just choose a vibe to tune in.