ThaiFest Mini: we are spreading joy and happiness

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Olga Blinkova, the manager of "Astkol-Alfa" has shared the experience she got at the event. Here is what she says about every brand represented on ThaiFest Mini.

Fan Factory (Germany) was represented by Mariya Andreeva, the manager of Fun Factory Russia. Although German people seem to be highly reserved, the message, brought home by the articles they are making, says sex is something virtuous and cheerful. A funny Patchy Paul "caterpillar", that have already travelled halfway across the globe, was especially mentioned by Olga, as well as the pulsators, they managed to take the sex toys industry to a new level, and a lot of other interesting things.

Skamata (Poland) is about lace, some trembling, wafting textile and playful necklines. This lingerie gives rise to excitement and enchants the visitors with its aesthetic beauty. The company was represented by Yuliya. She also demonstrated some curious Motortoy pieces. The gourmets can have a look at Iceman and Liebelulla!

SWISS NAVY (The USA). "NO SILICON LUBE-NO SEX IN THE WATER" is a slogan learnt by heart by those who had taken part in at least one training by the astonishing Randy. Those people know that his trainings differ greatly from any other performance! At ThaiFest Mini, Randy spoke, in his usual vivid and active manner, on the advantages and the tricks these trademark's lubes can offer. Olga suggests everybody drawing their attention towards a lube called Premium Anal, with clove oil. It is one of those pieces that came to shape her personal top.

YESFORLOV (France). Christian and Valerie, the brand's representatives, are showing products meant for creating a nice atmosphere for sex, making it beautiful, sophisticated and somewhat French-like. Apart from the other items, we'd like to mention those massage oils with individually built fragrances. The whole range of cosmetics is pure luxury and opulence. A unique invention of the company is the exploding dragee, containing edible oral gels, the shimmering powder, hide-and-seek and a lot of other delicious thigs. YES FOR LOV is made for those who appreciate themselves.

Svakom (the USA). Fanny, the permanent brand ambassador, is showing the company's novelties. Besides the classical forms and functions, there are some unusual, playful objects for the burning desire: a set of Heidy mini-masturbators, vibrators with heating function and forty-eight-hour performance!!!), those funny Cookie and Candy that look like a lovely octopus and a fish. The novelties for the couples and the male users were also shown.

Doc Johnson (the USA). Being one of the sex toys elders, the brand pleased everybody with interesting novelties once again. Some gorgeous cyber skin realistic toys, called UR3, that one can't help touching again and again because the stuff, they are made of, is so tender and so similar to natural skin. Kristen and Crystal, the brand ambassadors, both wearing irresistible smiles, managed to win the ThaiFest Mini participants' hearts after having shown the most curious toys and they did it with great mastery.

Concorde (France). The Pleasir Secrets intimate cosmetics, Anne D'ales erotic lingerie, Bijoux Pour Toi accessories-they are all about sophistication, romance and subtle sexuality. Monsieur Richard Fhal showed two novelties-the playful harness and the sword belts, also called hip garters that look very exciting.

Bathmate (the UK). This brand is traditionally represented by Igor, who knows everything about the ways to enlarge the man organ, with the help of hydro pumps. In addition to the latters, this brand makes erection rings, vibrating bullets and even a "HYDRO ROCKET". The range is full of useful and functional pieces for male users.

Pipedream (the USA). Steven Sav is demonstrating everything, from some realistic toys, with a variety of functions, to a number of exciting accessories within the fetish line. The toys, meant for extreme techniques, are incredible. If you seek both quality and functionality, Pipedream welcomes you!

Adrien Lastic (Spain).  Alyona, in her naturally passionate manner, stressed some peculiarities and advantages of this brand which is a brilliant example of the hot Spanish temper.

Orion (Germany). Kokos (South Korea). Shunga (Canada). TopcoSales (the USA). These brands were shown by the team of Astkol-Alfa. "We spoke and showed a lot, for good reason, I hope. We did some excellent work apart from having enjoyed a pleasant conversation with the participants. We wish the brand ambassadors could have come in person. However, believe me, we succeeded in representing our brands properly", wrote Olga on her page.

A few words by Olga Blinkova about those who produce sex toys and take part in such kind of events: "Their brilliance and professional skills are encouraging, they generate new energies and assure us of the fact that we are doing the right thing-we are spreading joy and happiness throughout the world".

The material is based on the Facebook page of Olga Blinkova, by courtesy of the author.