Protecting health – avoiding fakes

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Employees of the company “Point of Love” spoke about the dangers of fake sex toys.


Russian version

Toys and various sex products are counterfeited in the same way as popular fashion brands of clothing and accessories. But if with a fake Chanel clutch the maximum will fly to you fr om the fashion police, then fake intimate devices can greatly harm your health.

What are the risks of low-quality goods?

In cases with condoms, Durex and Contex brands are most often counterfeited, since they are the most famous in Russia. And with low-quality condoms, you can get unwanted pregnancies, as well as get infected with STDs. If you take dubious toys, then no one will be able to find out what they were made of, whether they contain toxic substances, as well as how long the motor will last and whether it will turn on after the first use. If at all the device does not break during the game and does not leave its parts inside you. This problem is most relevant both for toys with a large price tag (Lelo, Womanizer) and for popular toys, for example, Tenga masturbators.

Wh ere to buy quality products?

The safest place is large store chains. It is not profitable for them to bother with fakes and lose their reputation. Such networks work only with official suppliers or immediately purchase large quantities from primary manufacturers.

How much should a quality device cost?

There are no good wizards in the sex toy segment. A product costs so much because it costs exactly how much: it is its production, unique technology, packaging, logistics, etc. And if suddenly you find an offer that is 20% lower than, for example, in three large stores, this is already a reason to be wary. When a toy is cheap, it may contain a completely different material, a different technology (for example, not Pleasure Air from Womanizer, but simply air supply), there is no guarantee of reliability.

What should the packaging look like?

The easiest way to tell the difference between fake and real condoms is to look for typos and grammatical errors on the box. A fake will definitely have them. In the case of sex toys, the situation is about the same. Many popular devices already have reviews from bloggers. They always contain live photos, and boxes are often visible. Pay attention precisely to the quality – if the blogger review says, for example, that the insert in the main box is made of heavy plastic, and in the toy that you are thinking of buying is made of thin cardboard, then you already know the answer.

Pay attention to the accessories that go with the toy. Check bags, attachments, lubricant sachets. Reviews will also help you here. If a blogger shows a bag of velvet, and in the box with your toy it is made of cheap satin, and besides, threads are coming out of it and the lace is taken out, then this is definitely a fake.

Additional factors to help distinguish a toy from a fake

Pay attention to the toy's noise level, smell, and tactile properties. Everyone has different ideas about noise, but if the toy suddenly rattles, then you definitely should not take it. The smell can be perceived differently by different people, but if the product has a sharp synthetic aroma, you should be very alert. By how soft or hard the silicone is, it is impossible to determine a fake, you have to have the original in your hands and compare it with it. However, a sex toy of a well-known brand cannot have protruding rough seams, with remnants of uncut silicone, or, even more so, with diverging areas.

Useful information is provided by the “Love Point” chain of stores.