Thaifest-2021 – The Fourth Day

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We have completed the last trainings. The working part of the festival is over.

Text: Marina Chicheva, Aliona Ryne
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

Bathmate (Igor Gerasimov)

Igor started the training with the history of the brand. The inventor of the first hydraulic pump, John Oaks, was a hydraulics engineer with a passion for mountaineering. Once his friend got injured and it was necessary to restore blood flow in the area of the cavernous bodies. John studied the medical procedures used in such cases and came up with water therapy. The treatment helped, and at the same time the method of enlargement of the penis was also found. Hence the idea of creating a hydraulic pump was born.

At the training, we saw a fake pump and learned to distinguish it from the genuine one: poor quality material (the corrugation breaks, the O-ring falls off), replaceable parts are included in the kit (the manufacturer does not do this, since the original pumps are made of high-strength material and can withstand more than one hundred thousand uses).

Bathmate conducted a survey of registered users on the company's website. According to its results, more than 80% of men achieved the promised result: an increase in the penis by 15-30% in 6 weeks of regular training (5 days a week, 3 sets of 5 minutes).

In addition to hydraulic pumps, the company's assortment also includes additional accessories: anal plugs, erection rings with vibro-bullets.

Kistoy (Maxim Kafarov)

Maxim presented a young brand from China, which recently entered the Astkol-Alpha brand portfolio. There are four lines in the brand's collection: Miss, Young, Man and King.

Absolute delight at our table was caused by cute stimulators in the form of animals: a squirrel, a whale, a dolphin, a cat, a rabbit. First, it's beautiful! Second, it is incredibly tactilely pleasant. All toys of this brand are made of very soft and delicate silicone, we decided together that they can be used as the best anti-stress toy in the world. Among the devices presented at the training are rabbits with rotation, membrane stimulation, vibration and heating. In addition, Kistoy has an automatic anal shower, which, today, has no analogues among other brands. In the same series, there are several interesting toys for men.

Shunga (Tatiana Kopylova)

The perfume company that owns the Shunga brand was founded in Canada in 1988. In the 2000s, massage oils and love products were given a separate direction and received packaging with prints created by Japanese artists. Despite the fact that the company has practically no new products over the past two years, its well-known time-tested intimate cosmetics is still a bestseller. We cannot fail to mention organic and inorganic massage oils, magnificent massage candles, foreplay and stimulation products, and the unique LoveBath bath salt that turns water into jelly. The only new thing coming in 2020 is the large Sensual massage candle with a new scent. It was with great pleasure that our team conveyed a video greetings to Manon Valee and enjoyed the brand's fragrances.

Closing of the business part of the festival

At the end of the business program, the organizers arranged a buffet table in the luxurious Ekaterina Hall. We congratulated the partners of the event, handed out diplomas and traditionally presented gifts. The festive atmosphere was supported by wonderful music from Mikhail Starovoit and the sonorous voice of Marina Pavlova, as well as delicious snacks and light drinks.

In the company of all the participants, with two days off by the sea we are finishing our series of reports from Thaifest-2021, which took place despite all the difficulties and postponements.

We sincerely thank the organizers of this wonderful trip, the Astkol-Alpha company, as well as all colleagues who courageously passed the trainings of these three festival days. We are now even more knowledgable!

Until next time, friends!