Tenga and Iroha on the ETO show

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Jo Walda and Tina Carter speak on their novelties and their impressions of the ETO show.


Jo Walda (Tenga)

This is the first time we are presenting independently on the show. We used to present with one of our distributors in the past, but this is the first time we attend ETO by ourselves.

Compared with the other shows, this show is obviously a little bit smaller but it is a very important market for us, the UK is very strong for Tenga and Iroha, so we would want to give back to the UK and make sure that people know who we are, know that we support the UK. That’s why we are here today.

Obviously, the adult goods industry is a very competitive market, but we feel that we provide something other companies do not. We feel that we have a good place in the market and a good niche. And I think that some of the new products that we have are really exciting, they are really futuristic and modern-looking and I am really happy to talk to people about them.

Here, on the show, I am looking forward to talking to new people (I’ve never been to the UK before) and, obviously, some of my friends from Europe. I am just going to talk and get to know people a bit better than we did in the past. It is always difficult for one to find some time to do this. It is hard to make those relationships without the events like this. It is a good opportunity to catch up.

Tina Carter (Iroha)

Are you familiar with Iroha, do you know anything about us?

Iroha is a brand released and manufactured by Tenga. All of our products are designed by women, for women. So, the product designers, the engineers, the packaging design, the graphic design-everything is done by women.

What’s unique to Iroha is the soft-touch silicon. It has two layers: inside it is like a squishy gel-silicon that is like a marshmallow, and in the outside there is the soft silicon, and this is dust-repellent, so, it won’t collect dust in here. All of our products are waterproof, so, you can wash them very easily.

The rechargeable toys are equipped with a charging base. You put the toy on it, as soon as it contacts the base, the light turns on to charge. It is just by putting it on its charging base. And there is a clear case where you can put the toy to keep it clean while it is charging for next time. There are also battery-powered toys. For example, a very simple Iroha mini. It has just a single button-press on/ press off. It is very inexpensive, it is good for someone who has never had a vibrator before. The vibrator called Zen has the same soft silicon as the more expensive products, but because it is battery-powered, the cost is cheaper. You just press and hold to turn it on. There are three settings in one pattern. This texture is so nice!

The RIN is the newest Iroha vibrator. It has got a long firm structure and a soft squishy ball at the top. You press and hold to turn it on. And there are three levels and only one pattern. It is of low vibration level, providing very soft vibration-for people who look for something more gentle and soft and they do not want too much intensity.

These toys are designed after nature. They are designed to look like animals. We have a Bird, a Hedgehog and a Whale. These ones are based on different types of tea: Matcha-the green tea, Hanacha-the floral tea and Yuzucha –the citrus tea.

There is a lot of thought behind each of the product’s concept.