FORUS 2021: how it was

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On May 23, Holiday Inn Sokolniki hosted a long-awaited offline event – an independent educational project FORUS.


Text: Ekaterina Nikolaeva, Aliona Ryne
Photo: Aliona Ryne

Russian version

It is impossible to guess what the guests and participants of the event were happier about: the opportunity to learn more about new products, to present their know-how, or just the opportunity to finally communicate live. As some pointed out, the absence of such events is comparable to a year without sex!

We-Vibe, Arcwave, System JO, SHOTS, ONE-DC (EDC), CalExotics, Satisfyer, REAL, Amor El, Snail Vibe, GVibe, kGoal, HOT, Bathmate, Pelvicmed (Tonis) presented their new products.

The work was traditionally organized in the format of round tables, which allowed not only brand representatives to communicate closely with the participants, but also the guests to exchange experiences or opinions on new products among themselves. Presentations in each room lasted about 40 minutes with short breaks, as a result, all participants were able to attend all the presentations. Several brand representatives were present online. Let's tell you more about how it happened.

The representative of the Wow Tech group in Russia, Nadezhda Shishkina, spoke in more detail about Arcwave. The emphasis of her presentation was precisely on the technology of sales of the novelty. According to her, if in Europe they prepare sales campaigns strongly in advance, then in Russia, unfortunately, they first wait for demand, and then they form an offer. Nadezhda also spoke about the research that the brand is conducting to launch new products, for example, for the launch of Nova, research was carried out for six years, now the company is conducting research on menstruation. Also, during the presentation, attention was paid to the youth brand Romp.

Daria and Alisa (HOT and Shiatsu) delighted customers with updated packaging, and also presented volufilin cosmetics for men. The girls could not help but pay attention to their table partner – Igor Gerasimov (Bathmate) – noting that such intimate cosmetics are best used after hydro-pumps.

Anton Tyurin and Alena Smirnitskaya traditionally showed the guests – kGoal, as well as the new MTD Tonis simulator, which aroused genuine public interest. We wrote more about this simulator here.

The Gvibe company brought its new products – egg-shaped masturbators and a smart vaginal trainer with vibration, Erosklad showed new devices under the general name Mr. Faker. In addition, we were shown the Doxy wand, which can now be bought in Russia.

System JO presented their updated line in the online format, and thanks to the good organization of the event, the guests of the presentation were able to taste their lubricants as well.

Tamara Frank presented Satisfyer novelties and answered customer questions about marketplaces. Unfortunately, also remotely.

CalExotics, represented by Roxana Mendoza, remotely presented the brand's new products. What cool new bunnies (wait for the tests in our “Verified by sexshopers” section)!

The hit of the ONE-DC presentation was the Hueman collection: rings and anal plugs in space colors. Spoiler alert: received several new products for testing. In addition, the guests were impressed by the new Panthra brand and the already well-known one – Bloom. We were very happy to see Lyudmila Taalman, though she was only on the screen!

Daria Norkina from SHOTS showed an extensive collection of crazy rabbits. New items are enhanced with balls: for stimulating the G-spot, with rotation along the entire trunk, or moving the ball along the entire circumference and along the entire length. All rabbits are equipped with a "total orgasm mode". The collection appeared on the European market only in March, and soon it will come to Russia. Another novelty from the brand is a realistic from patented TPE, which can be heated to enhance the sensation. And another cool novelty of the brand is the Sexysize rabbit: a vibrator and an MTD simulator, with a function for measuring compression in kPa. The brand also presented a new collection of lingerie Le desir.

The show of erotic lingerie of the new Amor El brand became the jewel of the event, and all participants of the event received fancy overalls of this brand as a gift.

At the end of FORUS, all participants received certificates and generous prizes.

See photos from the event in the slider and in our photo gallery, and soon we will show you a video report about the event.

We sincerely thank the S-Market company represented by Yulia Gayshun, who organized and prepared this holiday. It's great that the video broadcasts went on as usual, the coffee did not run out until the evening, and, in general, FORUS turned out to be excellent. Until our next meetings offline!