WOW Tech Group invites to FORUS

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WOW Tech Group announced its participation in the FORUS training business forum, which will be held on May 13 and 14 in Moscow.

Russian version

At the moment, the company plans to introduce new products from the We-Vibe brand, and for the first time in Russia, a new men's brand with unique innovative Arcwave technology will be demonstrated .

Created by a Canadian couple in 2003, the We-Vibe brand has sold millions of toys worldwide since the launch of the first vibrator in 2008.

In June 2018, two large corporations merged: Group Management GmbH, a company specializing in the production of Womanizer sex toys, and Standard Innovation Corp, the manufacturer of the We-Vibe brand. Under the terms of the agreement, the Womanizer Group acquired all the outstanding shares of Standard Innovation, and the creators of Standard Innovation remained investors in the joint holding company WOW Tech Group, with headquarters in Berlin.

Today the WOW Tech Group also includes such brands as Attivia, pjur, Novoluto.

The company is actively developing its brands. For example, We-Vibe introduced two new products with new technology and specialized advanced sensors that can independently respond to body movements, adjusting vibration to the desired pace.

We-Vibe Chorus, according to the official statement, is “the most advanced and intuitive vibrator for couples”. The new generation of vibrating massagers for couples uses the new Touch-sense technology. Now control can be carried out not only with buttons, but also with the help of a simple and natural gesture. To change the impact, just squeeze the remote in your hand. The stronger the compression, the stronger the vibration.

The vibro massager uses the innovative AnkorLink technology which creates a more stable connection between the We-Vibe Chorus and the We-Connect application. The toy is connected via the Squeeze Remote, which serves as an amplifier, the signal is not interrupted! AnkorLink extends traditional Bluetooth connectivity, bypassing current connectivity issues.

We-Vibe Chorus has 10 vibration modes and the ability to create unique vibration patterns through the We-Connect app. And thanks to special sensors, there is a new opportunity to choose one of three different modes in combination with the We-Connect Touch-sense application, which allows the stimulator to monitor the pleasure itself, adjusting vibration to the beat of movement.

Another new brand was theWand vibro massager. As in Chorus, the We-Vibe Wand is covered with specialized advanced sensors that can independently respond to movement. The vibratory massager utilizes Smart Silence technology, which allows vibrations to work only when the device is in contact with the body and it is controlled with one touch.

Manufacturer officially declares that it is the most powerful wireless Wand today. With the Wand also come two nozzles. One imitates the effects of Sqweel, the second imitates Manta, making the vibro-massager universal and suitable for men.

You can learn more about all the We-Vibe innovations and see Arcwave technology in action at the FORUS business forum. There the company will introduce its customer loyalty system and marketing activity offers.

When this article was getting ready for publication, it became known that a vibrator-rabbit from We-Vibe will be presented at FORUS. There are no details about the toy yet, as the official press-release hasn’t yet come out and we are all looking forward to it.