Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen

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Very soon a new product will appear in Russia. The one that Womanizer together with the British pop-star Lili Allen has been working for several months.


Russian version

Liberty by Lily Allen is not just another novelty. Womanizer is the company whose mission is to show women that they have a right to receive pleasure and they were the first to attract a world-famous celebrity to promote their mission. Together with Lili Allen they created a new package and a new color scheme.

Why Lili Allen? Her relations with Womanizer started when she mentioned their products in her «My Thoughts Exactly» bestseller. Speaking of her sexual satisfaction during her Sheezus tour she wrote “and as long as you say that I should pick one toy of many I choose Womanizer”.

Lili Allen described the innovative Womanizer Pleasure Air technology as “something else”. Lili Allen and Womanizer want to challenge the existing suggestions and stereotypes and by their campaign “IMasturbate offer people, women in particular, think of their own, very often negative attitude towards this topic. Leading the campaign Lily Allen embodies the freedom of all women, bearing the banner of being sex-positive and female masturbation.

Womanizer ran a survey among 7000 men and women from 14 different countries. The results showed that men who masturbate do it 68% more than women. Just look at these figures: in general men masturbate 156 times a year against women who do it 50 times a year. Despite the fact that female physiology is the same as male one in this aspect and women require satisfaction as well. Stresses, depressions, dissatisfaction with life… orgasm is the best way to handle it. It makes life more vivid.

According to the producer “the limited Liberty series, developed for women is compact, light and stylish. Thanks to the magnet cover, six level of intensity and two-buttons control, Liberty is an ideal companion wherever you go”.

“Sex-toys are still a taboo topic because they are connected with masturbation and woman sexual satisfaction.”– says Lily Allen. – “The only way to lift the cover of this taboo is to talk about them often, freely with no shame or guilt”. 

For more details about this product – address the Kazanova69 company, the exclusive representative of the brand in Russia.

Press release provided by the representative of the Wow Tech Group in Russia.