Thaifest 2020 is postponed

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The organizers of the event announced a change in the dates of the festival for the adult goods industry.


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The situation in the world at the moment remains difficult, and to predict when it will begin to stabilize, unfortunately, is impossible. This forces the organizers of international events to postpone their events to later dates.

In the world of sports - the Olympiad has been postponed, competitions are ending ahead of schedule or suspended. In the world of pop music - Eurovision has been postponed for a year, concerts are broadcast from the studios, and musicians sat down to create new albums.

What is happening in the world of adult goods? ETO show, Shanghai Adult-Care Expo has already announced the transfer of dates, trainings go online.

The organizers of the festival of the adult goods industry Thaifest 2020 (by Astkol-Alpha company) also announced the postponement of the event for a later date. The Asteria Kremlin Palace remains the hotel of the festival, all plans are valid. The exact dates have not yet been announced, however, the organizers hinted that bathing in the Mediterranean Sea and studying the latest 18 brands will happen somewhere in autumn.