Nano-Thaifest in Astkol-Alfa

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Ekaterina, the owner of the adult-store for adults “Vibroduck of love” (Vibroutochka lubvi), shared her impressions of the trainings held on October 30, 2019.



Five trainings were announced, but 4 took place because the founder of SWISS NAVY, Randy Witheris, rescheduled the meeting for a good reason. But he made up for it and gave everyone a bag of gifts. It is really pleasant, especially when you present such gifts every day, and nobody gives anything to you. In the bag there were mini-bubbles with brand products. Thanks, Randy

Let's start with the atmosphere. There were a lot of people - sellers and store owners. 30 people, of which there were only 3-4 men. There was water, tea, coffee and sweets. Comfortable and friendly. I was pleased to be among colleagues in the workshop, this happens quite rarely.

The first training was on the MyStim brand, conducted by Christoph Hofmann who showed toys with miostimulation. Once, being inexperienced, I decided to get acquainted with a plug from mystim. I connected the plug to the device, twirled something there, pressed the button, and I was so flabbergasted! For all my life I remembered that day. Therefore at the training I touched the toys with caution. But many took the plugs in their hands and even tried the turbo mode, this is maximum current power. Yeah, we have the most courageous and brave sellers. We raised many important questions about toys. All the same, this is current, and there are a lot of nuances. Urethral plugs, the size of a knitting needle, were nice as well as the ability to control eight toys simultaneously from one remote control.

The second training was from the Pipedream brand. The great news is that Pipedream toys no longer smell bad. This training was the most emotional. Steven Sav poured watered first rows from the falloprosthesis, joked a lot and demonstrated new products. A toy with a tongue made a splash. I was also surprised by a very light wand and falloprostheses with vibration!

Next training was from Maria Volkova, the «Hot Octopuss» coach. Absolutely beautiful toys. It seems to me that I have never felt stronger vibration. I have been waiting for this brand in Russia for a long time because they have many toys for men. Unusual masturbators that can bring to orgasm without using hands. Cock rings that can turn a common dick into a vibrator. I do not know what is inside these toys, but even the chair on which I was sitting vibrated. Separately, I would like to mention silicone. Feels like I would put give it the first place. Very velvety and pleasant, especially with erection rings. And now it’s almost the end of the third training, and I have my jaw on the floor and my eyes are widened. I haven’t been so surprised for a long time.

A pleasant end to the evening we spent together with the Mai Attraction brand. There was a show and many, many flavors. Do you remember the last scene of "The Perfume" movie? In fact, it was just like there. The founder of the company began with liquid vibrators. Everyone tried the gel on the tongue. In 5 minutes, the whole room was buzzing and screaming with delight. All lips and tongues vibrated. Then, home scents were sprayed around the room and I virtually crawled down the chair delighted with mango aroma. I wanted to run away to the warehouse and take all the boxes with this fragrance. When they lit the sticks and let the pheromones in the hall, everyone was hypnotized. I smeared and rubbed myself with everything I could. And yes! Pheromones do work! I was smeared like from two glasses of wine. It’s been two hours and I still feel excitement and desire, like a cat. Wow, that was awesome! I got a lot of pleasure and emotions.

Thank you for your attention. These were the freshest impressions from the nano-Thaifest!