Irina Parkhomenko, the ambassador of System Jo, will give a webinar

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"C-Market", a wholesaler, informs you of another webinar to be delivered by the ambassador of the company System Jo, this time.


One of the intimate cosmetics' leading manufacturers is now expanding their limits. The brand's agents are visiting different cities across Russia to give personal presentations and educational trainings. Especially for the furthest corners and cities that have not been visited till now, an online webinar is scheduled for January, 31st, 2019, 11 a.m. (Moscow time). Irina Parkhomenko, the brand's ambassador, is going to tell you everything about the new products of the company that have recently appeared on our market. 

The presentation will offer a detailed analysis of the comparative properties that prolongers have, their specific qualities as well as recommendations for selecting the proper effect the end customer needs. Irina will present a comprehensive report on the Volt stimulator's new formula and the peculiarities of its effect having no parallel to date. The ambassador will explain some physiological aspects of the fertilization and will speak about the unique brand-new product contributing to the process, called Actively Trying. She will also cover the topic of the proper care the intimate zone needs highlighting the unique properties of the Renew cream. She will tell us about how to make winter nights warmer using the new All in one Warming. Surely, the delicious, calorie-free range called Cookies&Cream  won't be missed.

In the nearest future, an educational video about the coming and long-awaited collection, Candy Shop, to be given by Nikolay Orlov will be available too.

System Jo is a range of intimate cosmetics with proven clinical effectiveness that is manufactured following high quality standards.

To get access to the webinar, please, turn to personal managers of the company "C-market".