Hit of the ANME exhibition by Swiss Navy

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At ANME 2021, Swiss Navy presented several new products and was warmly welcomed by consumers and participants.


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The new products, which the creators of the iconic brand Swiss Navy officially presented at the virtual exhibition Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo (ANME) 2021, were greeted with delight by visitors.

According to the manufacturer, Desire from Swiss Navy is a completely new collection designed by women for women. A comprehensive product line that offers solutions to satisfy intimate desires with innovative formulas created with the characteristics of the female body in mind. Each product in the collection contains special ingredients and unique recipes that meet the needs of female consumers.

“Our research found that women tend to be the purchasers for their households, controlling 85% of consumer spending, and that they want to purchase women-centered innovation that provides solutions based on the personal desires they experience in daily life. We kept these consumers in mind during our development process,” said Briana Watkins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for M.D. Science Lab.

Swiss Navy also launched an assortment of multi-use flavored lubricants, Playful Flavors. The delicious new flavored lubricants capitalize on edible experiences to expand possibilities for intimate encounters.

“With Playful Flavors, we wanted to help inspire confidence and comfortability for end users,” said Watkins. “As always, we used our American-made, FDA-regulated formulas that buyers have come to trust and then created delicious flavors that encourage playfulness and exploration.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, ANME and XBIZ combined forces this year to create a worldwide virtual expo wh ere manufacturers and industry buyers could meet.

“Even though we weren’t able to launch our newest products in person, the responses we received from everyone was overwhelmingly positive,” said Ralph Albrecht, M.D. Science Lab’s CEO. “I’m proud of our entire Swiss Navy family for creating these new innovations during a trying year. When we all support each other, magic can definitely happen.”

The press release is provided by the Swiss Navy brand.