Dropshipping and Alice

technologies , Yandex , Supplier of Happiness , dropshipping

How often does an online shop's owner have to check the current state of affairs? How many orders have been processed, how big is the resulting profit? For those who work with Postavschik Schastya using a drop shipping scheme, it is Alice, a voice assistant by Yandex, who answers these questions.


The voice assistant's official description says: "You can teach me something new. Particularly, if you are a coder." A company interested in any sort of technological innovation could not have missed this achievement. The company made an effort and, as a result, Alice has got a new skill that helps to control one's business on the run, literally. All one needs is a smart phone with a Yandex application installed on it and a code the drop shippers can get in their back office. 

The following procedure is simple. It is enough to enable Alice and ask her to download the skill called "Postavschik Schastya" (Supplier of Happiness). After that, your personal pocket assistant will be ready to keep you informed of three blocks of requests: the orders in process, the income and the costs. Alice is able to analyze the current values and compare them with those of the corresponding period in the previous year. 

One might as well use Alice service on one's computer or a "smart speaker".  Still, the most valuable element of this initiative is the possibility of getting necessary information within a minimum amount of time and effort. 

Dmitry Korobitsyn, the company's founder and Director-General, explained how the idea of using a voice assistant had been born and specified if it was difficult to implement the whole thing. 

"I have heard of Alice at a presentation given by Yandex that was held on May, 29th, 2018. Yet another conference is the annual event where they represent their innovative ideas, new areas and breakthroughs.

This year, at the conference, they first mentioned the Yandex station and told people about their new devices and a number of their newest products. As soon as the technology was announced, we thought it would be nice to apply it to our work with merchants, just because it is very convenient. In fact, in the majority of cases, the merchants turn to the system claiming the account details, the order's status, the access map, the availability and so on. These are rather common, standard questions that can be easily addressed with the new technology. Some time passed, we bought the station in July and, in the early August, approximately, we started exploring its possibilities in order to fulfill the idea. After having made a few tests, we realized there was no big science in it. The first version has recently come to life. To date, it solves quite a small range of issues answering four or five questions, actually. It works perfectly through via chat room. It also works through Yandex voice applications, but sometimes there are troubles with voice identification. As a rule, it works rather well. We are planning to enlarge the spectrum of issues the device will attend. I think, this is a handy scheme able to boost the effectiveness of our merchants' work."