EroExpo: Day Two

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On the second day, the exhibitors delighted visitors not only with new products, but also with cool activities!

Russian version

We continue to report from EroExpo for you!

Soho Welness

The slogan of this stand (and of the brand!): Sexual wellness is a new fashion. The company represents 24 brands, but as it became known to, Soho Welness will soon bring another new brand to Russia!

Also, for the first time, the Russian audience at EroExpo presented new items from Lora DiCarlo (co-founder of the brand and creative director – actress and model Cara Delevingne) and high-tech vibrators from MysteryVibe. The latter brand brings together the experience of designers and developers from Nokia, Philips and IBM. Their Crescendo vibrator powered by six motors is flexible, upgradable via phone. MysteryVibe Crescendo motors work independently of each other: you can use different speeds and vibration patterns, as well as set different turn-on and operation times, for example, turning on the motors in turn, you can create a ripple effect. And one more good news: Soho Welness represents exclusively in Russia “Rolls-Royce” among sex products (according to them) – the Lelo brand. Also worth noting is the French brand Love To Love, from the same company that produces the sensational Strap-On-Me strap-ons.


The wholesale company, as always, exhibited a huge number of popular brands. We wrote more about this during Thaifest 2021. New sex toys were presented by Evolved, KOKOS, KISTOY, Plaisir Secret, INTT, MyStim, Pretty Love. The audience was especially delighted with Orion's collection of Back Door anal plugs, which vibrate, pulsate, rotate, and Vegan Fetish BDSM accessories from them. As well as a masturbator that “literally sucks in” and an Iker prostate massager from Svakom. The representatives of Astkol-Alpha make a separate bet on the rapid popularity on the Twister “rabbit” with 3D vaginal massage from Adrien Lastic. Also, this brand presents a new line of cosmetics called Amoreane, which includes a sizzling foam for the body. Glides on for a long time and bursts coolly on the skin. This line includes unusual flavors: strawberry with champagne, daiquiri and passion fruit.

Astkol-Alpha representative Olga Blinkova noted that she was especially pleased with the appearance of the Cottelli lingerie collection, which is presented in really large sizes (54-72).


The company recently started producing energizing herbal elixirs and today introduced a new collection of elixirs-shots with new flavors, different in composition for men and women.

Another novelty of the brand is expected by the new year – a collection of reusable pasties on silicone glue, among them there are several decorations on the nipples (glued to the halo, the nipple itself is not covered). And lovers of erotic costumes will be delighted with new outfits, by LeFrivole. Nine models of Easy to Love panties, among them there are panties with access and panties with pearls, in addition, the Base collection of erotic lingerie has been expanded.

There are also novelties among toys. First, it is a mini finger vibrator and a mini vibrator disguised as lipstick. Secondly, there were handcuffs, both metal and with fur, greaves, and silicone handcuffs (bracelets without a lock – ed.). The updated Halo vacuum stimulator (we are playing ten such stimulants at our stand during the three days of the event) and the pulsator are in great demand among visitors to the stand.

But the big news is that LeFrivole is rebranding its 10th anniversary with a change in logo, font and color. As a company spokesman explained, sex has become more commonplace over the past ten years, so now there is no need to attract consumers' attention using flashy colors. LeFrivole in its packaging is now moving away from the use of red or pink and is turning to calm beige tones. Not only packaging will be made in new colors, but also, for example, vaginal balls.

Biomed Nutrition

Currently, there are 134 positions in the manufacturer's portfolio. In addition to the products already known to us, the company presents anti-cellulite cosmetics and a premium line of No Taboo lubricants at EroExpo (Maxim Kalyatin told about how it appeared in an interview with our portal).


According to, this wholesaler's booth was the most popular at the show! The guys relied on the delight of all five senses.

You can taste not only the chocolate fondue with fruit, but also the new oral lubricants from System JO. Skin test – a new massage oil from the same brand. A massage therapist with a medical education made hand massage with this oil to all the guests of the stand. You can also enjoy tactile novelties from HighOnLove: the company presented hand cream and butter cream for the body with caring components. These brands also delighted with the persistent aromas of their products.

Visual pleasure, especially for men, was delivered by luxurious models demonstrating new items from the Amor El erotic lingerie brand. There was always a crowd of people around the girls dancing in bodysuits or overalls! The ears were caressed not only by presentations, but also by pleasant, unobtrusive music.

S-Market also brought brand new brands for Russia. Among them is the Spanish manufacturer of vibrators, dildos and masturbators Dreamlove. So far only 20% of their assortment is presented at EroExpo. And also – the German manufacturer of medical pumps for the vagina and member Fröhle. Their range includes not only penis enlargement pumps, but also curvature correction devices and cock rings.

And the huge advent calendar from ONE-DC reminded all the guests of the exhibition that winter is coming and it's time to stock up on Christmas gifts.

The conference

On the second day, the conference hall hosted speeches by Victoria Khasanova (about how the adult goods industry can help a sexologist and, conversely, sexology – help a sex shop), Julianna Matusevich (about sales growth through customer loyalty), Natalya Stenyaeva (Biorhythm, about using intimate cosmetics), Ekaterina Fedosova (about Instagram sales). A large seminar on industry trends was held by the founder of the company “Andrey. Business for adults”Andrey Eliseev, followed by Nadezhda Varlacheva spoke about the client services of this company. The general sponsor of the exhibition, the Satisfyer company, presented its novelties.

But, perhaps, the most heated discussion that day was marked by a round table on working with marketplaces led by Dmitry Korobitsyn (The Supplier of Happiness).

General photo and drawing

The second day of the exhibition was remembered for the traditional common photo of the participants with diplomas on the main stage and the second noisy and funny rally at our stand. Another pool of gifts was drawn. All companies that helped us with gifts will be named in the final article about the exhibition. We are immensely grateful for each prize, for the opportunity to please you and rejoice with you!

To be continued, stay tuned!